Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Vineyard

The USA had been a bastion for human rights and a haven for the prosperous. Now it is steeped in deep debt and awaits deliverance from economic hardship.

The following re-write is an appeal for the restoration of national integrity.

Please Restore the Vineyard fm.Ps.19

Restore us, O God of Hosts.
Show the light from your sun
and we will be saved.
You brought a vine out from a land of cruelty.
You prepared the vineyard for growth.
The earth is the work of your hands.
The heavens have declared your handiwork.
You cast out those that enslaved people.

One day tells its tale to another.
One night imparts knowledge to the other.
Although time has no words or language;
the message has gone to the ends of the world;
the sound has gone out to all lands.
A pavilion has been set for the sun in the deep.
Light comes forth like a bridegroom from his chamber
Illumination rises like a champion to run his course.

The course is run from the uttermost edge
and runs to the end of the heavens.
Nothing is hidden from its brilliant radiance.
The law of the LORD is perfect.
It revives the soul.
It gives wisdom
to all who need it.

You will not make any false gods.
You will not abuse the name
of the LORD your God.
Remember to worship together.
You will work for six days,
but preserve time for holiness.
Honor your father and mother
that your generation may live long
in the land in which you live.
You will not murder. You will not commit adultery.
You will not steal. You will not bear false witness
against your neighbor. You will not covet another’s property.
Love God. Love others. Then you will love yourself.
Keep yourself from sin to keep yourself from crime.
Care for those who need it. Love your enemy.
Hate violence and deception
or you will never progress in justice
or find justice in progress.

The commandments of the LORD are just.
They give joy to the heart and insight to the mind.
They make the vine take root.

The vine took root. It grew.
The tendrils stretched out along the rivers
and reached down to the sea.
The mountains were covered by its shadow;
The towering trees by its shade.
The land was filled with fertility.
Justice was the fruit of immortality.

The landowner leased the vineyard to tenants.
When the harvest time had come
he sent messengers to collect
the profit from its produce.
One was beaten.
One was stoned.
Another was killed.
He sent his son
hoping for respect.

The tenants seized the son,
cast him out of the vineyard
and killed him.
Now the walls of the vineyard
have been broken down.
The wild boar has ravaged the earth.
The beasts of the forest have eaten their fill
of our fruit. Injustice has established inequity.
Inequity has caused strife among the people.

What will the owner of the vineyard do to the tenants?
He will take it away from them and give it to people
who will produce the fruit of justice.
Turn now, O God of hosts, look down from heaven.
Behold this vine in your vineyard.
Preserve what your hands have planted.
Tend to the growth of the garden.
Restore our faith.

Your judgments are true and righteous
O LORD, our strength and redeemer.
They are more desirable than gold
and sweeter by far than honey.
Let the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart,
be acceptable in your sight,
O LORD God of hosts.

(Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20; Psalm 19, Psalm 80, Matt.21:33-46)
Our nation is the vineyard. Our vineyard is a broken mess, but there are places that are more broken than us. They are lacking a constitution, a bill of rights and good representation as the elements of the social contract known as government.  Their leadership is not for the people.

What are we to do with the leaders of such places? Call for reform. Negotiate for change in political structures with diplomacy. Only use the military to protect human rights.
Senator John Kerry on U.S. Involvement in Syria

Each of us is an image of the broken mess. Each of us has the potential to become a beautiful thing.
Can you make this broken mess into a beautiful thing?

Heather Williams – Beautiful Thing
Please restore each with the restoration of all.

Steve K.

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