Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good Works For Grace


The debate between advocates for grace and good works has endured throughout time. The belief that we are saved by grace however does not rule out the role of good works in the development of moral character.
The Apostle Paul suffered much for his faith. He worked hard. He also felt compelled to warn people against doing what he had done. Good works in accordance with the law are not for the destruction of the offender. The law is for the correction of offense.

Good Works for Grace
Fm Ps.107
We give thanks to you LORD, for you are good.
Your mercy endures forever.
Let all those whom have been redeemed proclaim
that we have been redeemed from the hand of adversity.
The LORD gathered us from all lands;
from the east, west, north and south.
Some were fools. We rebelled foolishly.
We were afflicted because of our sins.
We had abhorred the rules for health and safety.
Death drew near to the door.
Then, we cried out in our trouble.
We were delivered from our distress.
You sent forth your word and healed us, LORD.
You saved us from the grave.
We give thanks for mercy with power;
the wonders done with light and thunder.
We offer a sacrifice with thanksgiving.
We sing of your acts with shouts of joy.
We are what we have been made to be;
created in Christ Jesus for good works;
which God had prepared beforehand
to be our way of life.
The Son of Man has been lifted up
to share the gift of eternal life.
(Ps.107:1-3,17-22, Eph.2:10, Jhn.3:14)
Syria has a constitution. Islam is not promoted as the state religion. Why are they not the “darlings” of the western world? They have a single party government. There is one majority party with a number of lesser parties that don’t have enough representative power to correct the errors associated with the abuse of majority authority.
They don’t recognize freedom of speech as a human right. Protest is being treated as a mortal threat to the state. This is the reason that they are suffering turmoil. Syria needs a bill of rights.
Sec. Kofi Annan's participation in the promotion of settlement for the UN is important. Even if Assad is driven out, nothing will have been accomplished if he is replaced by another dictator. The social contract of the government with the people is the critical issue. The state has to represent human rights or it is not serving the purpose for government.
If we don’t end war, we have no purpose.
Thirty Seconds to Mars – This is War
When the darkness of chaos appears to be firmly in control, many of us look for light to provide guidance. Oscar Hendrix captured a picture of the appeal for direction. He saw Jesus in the light of Christ.
The Son of Man has been lifted up to share the gift of eternal life! (John 3:14)
Occupy good works for grace,
Steve K.

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