Thursday, March 29, 2012

Truth and Injustice


Prepare for the search for truth with the love for it. If you don’t love it, you will not be prepared to suffer for it. You won’t care if you miss it. There is no one in the commonwealth of learning, who does not profess to be a lover of truth.

There is not a rational person who takes offense at being regarded as philosophical, yet there are not enough who love truth for justice despite the importance of it.

How is someone supposed to know what the love for truth is? There is one mark that does not err. Do not entertain any proposition with greater assurance than the proofs that it is built upon warrant.

John Locke had written: “Whatsoever credit or authority we give to any proposition more than it receives from the principles and proofs it supports itself upon is owing to our inclinations…” (“Concerning Human Understanding,” Ch. XIX, Of Enthusiasm, 1689)

The word “inclinations” is being used as a reference to the pride of prejudice. The inclination to discriminate against others is based on narcissism. It is the adoration of self expressed by Gilgamesh to his god: “You look like me.” The trouble is that anyone who does not look like “me” does not gain “my” support in the work of prosperity that operates under the provisions for the rule of law in the society of narcissists.

George Zimmerman claims that he killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense. He invoked the “Stand Your Ground” law that was passed by the Florida legislature in 2005. His proposition that he killed in self-defense suffers under the scrutiny of the evidence.

He called police to report someone as “suspicious.” He told the operator that he was going to investigate. He was advised that following was not necessary. He went out to confront the black youth against legal advice. He went out to confront him with a gun. He became an aggressor when he acted against legal advice. He was not on "his ground” when he left it. He was on public property.

Trayvon was walking home from the store. He had skittles and an iced tea. He was talking with his girl on the phone. He was wearing a “hoodie.” He pulled the hoodie up when he saw George Zimmerman coming in his direction. He wanted to avoid confrontation. He was not an aggressor. He was avoiding conflict.

What happened next has been obscured by Zimmerman’s attempts to justify the murder. Did Trayvon defend himself? If he did, he was within his rights to do so. He was “standing his ground.”

The fact remains however that the evidence to which Zimmerman points does not justify his claim for self-defense. The video of him at the police station does not show a bloody face.

It shows an officer wiping something off his hands onto his pants after handling the lower part of Zimmerman's jacket. It shows the officer looking at the back of Zimmerman’s head. He was looking at something, but it is evident that there wasn’t much to see. Grass stains are not in evidence. His head was not being pounded by Trayvon onto concrete. His life was not in danger. Lethal force was not justified as "self-defense."

George Zimmerman on Police Surveillance Video

The lead investigator wanted to arrest him on the charge of manslaughter, but the state’s attorney denied the charge. He asserted that there wasn’t enough evidence to hold him. He supported Zimmerman’s claim to self-defense even though the evidence didn’t support it. What supported the claim? Zimmerman’s word and his gun are the only justifications for invoking the “Stand Your Ground” law.

These justifications are false because they are insufficient. They were invoked by the state’s attorney despite the fact that Zimmerman was not standing his ground. Trayvon was on his ground whether he fought back or not. Trayvon was acting within his rights, but he did not have a gun. George had acted outside of the rights afforded by the protection of the law, but his gun is being used to justify the new “law.”

The decision of the state’s attorney needs to be overturned. George Zimmerman needs to be arrested. He needs to face trial for murder with second degree murder and manslaughter as secondary charges. The truth needs to be brought out to the public.  People should not be required to own a gun, so “we, the people” like Zimmerman have to claim that our ground is above the law.

Zimmerman has not been prosecuted by the state of Florida. Charges have not been filed. He has not been arrested. He is being defended by lies until he is prosecuted for his crime.

Here’s the difficulty with the attempt to annihilate anthropomorphism in order to correct Zimmerman’s rendition of Zarathustra. When anthropomorphic reflection is eliminated from faith, the belief that we can use truth for justice, we are left with the destruction of the hope that we can be elevated to the level of civilization that we can have as human beings.

When humanity is viewed as human, all too human, there are no goals for improvement. Human reality suffers from the default to historicism as the belief in destruction. Individualism reigns as all important in terms of who has accumulated the greatest wealth by playing outside of the rules for society. It is sheer insanity.
Human being requires aspiration to something better than the non-being of belief in destruction. Humanity maintains connection with divinity by faith. This faith is justified in justice with reasoning for truth:

“I am just the image of something so much greater.”
Civil Twilight – Human 

Occupy justice for Trayvon Martin,
Steve K.

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