Sunday, March 4, 2012


Leadership is not usually defined as leading others to rejoice. Nevertheless, the pursuit of happiness is regarded as the unity for human rights. Well-being assumes provision for basic needs.
The following link connects to a story about a Gallup poll that questioned people in the US about the following categories of happiness: emotional health, life evaluation, work environment, physical health, healthy behaviors, and basic access to services.
Leadership includes leading others to happiness.
Leadership fm Ps.22
Praise the LORD, offspring of justice.
Stand in awe, children of competition.
Give glory, guardians of grace.
Be thankful, friends of faith.
God, you do not abhor the poor in their poverty.
You do not hide your face from them.
When they cry to you, you hear them.
My praise is for you in the assembly;
I will fulfill my promise in the presence of those
who show their respect for you.
The poor will eat and be satisfied.
Those who seek you will give thanks:
“May your love live forever!”
All the ends of the earth will turn to God.
All the families of the nations will show honor.

Leadership belongs to you, LORD;
You lead the nations.
All those who sleep in the earth, honor you.
All who go down to the dust, fall for you.
My soul will live for you.
My descendents will serve you.
They will be known as faithful.
They will make known to the unborn
the saving deeds that have been done.
God, you are my God.
The music video “Happiness” by Goldfrapp shows a guy who is hopping around in a white suit. The white rabbit seems to be too happy for his own good. This is an exercise in contrast. Is the hoppy fellow leading others to share or is he only concerned with his emotional state as opposed to that of others? Watch the video to see what you think.
It could be said that he shares joy with others. The act of sharing generates gladness in others.
Occupy the happiness of human rights.
Steve K.

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