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The goodness of the economy includes respect for the poor. Poverty increases when the wealth of the wealthiest grows without compensation for error.

Topless Protesters Detained

Respect can also be rendered in the form of liberating captives.
Navy SEAL’s Rescue Aid Workers

Fm. Ps.111
Creation is wondrous!
God is the CREATOR.
Let the light of creation shine
as yours and mine.

I will give thanks to the LORD
in the assembly of the faithful.
I will sing gratefully
with my whole heart.
Great is the love of creation!
The unseen underlies and guides
that which is seen.

Science is waiting
to be found by those
who will test for it.

Art is looking
for expression
through those
who will express it.

Justice will be rendered
by those who will
represent it.
The design of the CREATOR
is full of majestic liberty.
Grace radiates from compassion.
Splendor gives birth to beauty.
Marvelous works will be remembered.
The LORD is gracious.
Mercy is kind.
Righteousness endures forever.

Food is given
to those
who will work for it.
God is mindful
of the covenant
with creation.
Works by design are faithful and true.
Justice by the rule of the law is sure.

Safety, health and providence
guide the law with truth in equity.
Redemption has been sent to those
who will accept it.
The covenant has been established
for those who will establish it.

Awe for holiness
signifies redemption.

Respect for the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.
Those who act respectfully have a good understanding.
True praise endures forever.

Love for others often finds its most profound initiation through romantic attraction.
The following music video by Alizee makes an appeal to desire to know the unknown by avoiding that which is false about romance.

Mademoiselle Juliette,
It’s in the Alpha Romeo,
from Verona to Rome, she runs;
Pretty syndrome of love.

“Shakespeare muses about his muse.
She is his heroin abuse.
She rises in his towers.
The writer plays great tricks for hours.

“Miss Juliette,
not above forgettin’,

must choose between Montague and Capulet
Juliette would miss all her frettin’;
Champagne cut;
Cocaine popped.

The video makes a dramatic leap from the comedy of knowing the unknown through the one that is loved to knowing that it is one’s self that is being sought to be known by entertaining the romantic impulse.

How is she to find sanity in the madness of love? She is the modern Juliette. She knows better than to throw herself into love with madness, but her flaw had been that she had been throwing herself into substance use to avoid that madness.
The value of Shakespeare’s tragedy is that it purges that which is false about romance to encourage each in the audience to know his or her self. Many marriages resolve to the success of learning how to work with the person whom had been loved romantically.

The modern Juliette has learned to avoid subjugating herself to dependency. She just has to learn how to avoid dependency upon addictive substances.
Occupy the liberty of democracy with sanity,

Steve K.

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