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Honey is a wonder food. It tastes sweet. It can be preserved indefinitely. It is a symbol for prosperity. It represents community producing value in cooperative harmony. The buzz is that it is made by bees. LOL.
Creating a product that has value for the community often takes the belief that the product will produce benefit. Tests measure the value of properties. Science counters excessive confidence.
Yolanda Adams – I Believe (fm. the movie “Honey")
"You keep creating pictures in your mind. Sometimes, maybe, they will come true in time.
“It will be fine. Leave all of your cares and stress behind.
“...and just start to believe."
 I believe in you...and me. LOL
Products that are beneficial have value because they serve a purpose for human being.  The following poem celebrates constructive production.
Fm. Ps. 111 & Ps.147
Totally awesome!
I will give thanks
with my whole heart;
in the assembly of faith;
in the administration of justice.
The works of creation are great!
They are to be studied by all
who delight in them.
How good it is to sing praises!
How pleasant it is to show honor with praise.
God is great!
LORD, you started the universe.
You counted the number of stars.
Earth was formed from star dust.
You formed the molecules for life
from matter.
You call them by their names.
Your creation is full of majesty.
Zion celebrates civilization!

You heal the brokenhearted.
You bind up their wounds.
The good will rise up.
The wicked will be cast down.
You are rebuilding a foundation for peace.
You are gathering the exiles from conflict.
Our God is awesome!
You are mighty in power.
There is no limit to your wisdom.
Sing to the LORD with thanksgiving;
Make music to God with your instruments.
The heavens are covered with clouds.
Rain is prepared for the earth.
Life giving substance falls.
Water nurtures life.
The thirst of earth is quenched.
The quenching of thirst
replaces lost fluids.
Grass grows where the ground is fertile.
Green plants serve human being.
It is providence for herd animals.
Fiber from plant life absorbs fat.
Absorption prevents
hardening of the heart.

Food is given to those who will work for it.
Even young ravens eat when they cry.
The virility of life is liberty.
The strength of our being is justice.
Justice is not only for the majority;
the minority or the majority
of minorities.
It is designed to protect
safety and health.

It is for the well being of the people.
Well being is the guide
for taking risk.
Risk that produces harm
or destroys is wrong.
This kind of risk taking
requires correction.
The LORD takes pleasure in respect;
in those who live with grace.
It is a wonderful life!
It is simply fantastic!
Praise God!
Power is awesome in nature. It needs to be treated with respect.
Consider the case of Clara Lazen, the fifth grader who discovered a new molecule.
The molecule can be used to generate energy or cause destructive force.  Households need energy for maintenance. While households are the very foundation for peace, many have been destroyed for the sake of new war toys.   Sadly, the potential for civilization has been trashed for the sake of devotion to destruction. 
The world needs progress in development. Cultural evolution has to be cultivated with education, government, management and justice. 
Stop the world from turning into a monster!
Civilization has seen enough damage from havoc. Cry, “No more havoc!” Care for the poor! Stand opposed to war! The drive to eliminate competition destroys long term improvement. When competition has been annihilated there is no motivation to perform with standards for excellence.
Show respect! Occupy democracy for civilization!
Steve K.

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