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Light is important to sight in human being. When I hear something that is not seen, I have to look to find the source of the sound. If I smell something that I do not see, I have to look to find the source. If I feel pain or pleasure from an unknown source, I look to see the cause of the change in sensation. If I taste something that I did not expect to taste, I have to look at what I’m consuming to see what caused the unexpected taste.

The following poem re-writes a psalm that celebrates light in relation to sight and knowing.
Fm Ps.139:1-5, 12-17

I have been searched
in my searching.
I have been known
by my knowing.

God, you know why
I sit and stand.
My motivations are
subject to your design.

My journey is shown
to the light of day.
My rest stops
are apparent.

There is not a word
that I could speak
that is not related
to your rule.
The warmth of your light
is comforting.
It goes before me.
It follows my steps.
Your hand is there
to guide me
on the way.

Your truth is too wonderful for me;
It is so high that I cannot attain it.

It is the knowledge of your truth
that sustains me.
It keeps me searching for that
which can be known.
You created my inmost parts.
My DNA was knit within my mother’s womb.
Your code has been written in my soul.

I will continue to thank you
because I have been made marvelously.
Your works are wonderful.
I know it well.

The creation of my body
was not a secret to you.
The heights of heaven
were woven into the depths
of the earth.

Your sight saw my limbs
before they were finished in the womb;
Each part of my life is being
written in your book;
I am being fashioned day by day.
The future is forming from what
had been into that which
is yet to be.
The depth of your thought is deep.
The sum of your thoughts
exceeds the greatest height.

If I were to count them,
they would be more in number
than the sand.
My life would need to span
the length of time
to count them all.

Thank you LORD
for being God,
my Creator.


Sensation is the means by which reality is sensed. Truth is learned from variation and constancy in the perspective on perceptions.

Those who dictate truth to others based on belief in destruction do not know the truth. They have yet to learn. They are culpable for their damages to others.
Those who dictate truth believe that it is good to distort re-districting to favor the wealthiest. They believe that it is okay to test with torture. It had been thought that torture had been limited to the Guantanamo detention camp under the Bush administration. It had been thought that indefinite detention without a trial had been limited to the same administration.

View the following video to see if you agree that torture had been used on Nick Christie in a Lee county jail in Florida.
Pepper Sprayed to Death in Jail

Christie was tortured to death. He was a US citizen. He was 62 years old. He was struggling with a mental condition that had developed in relation to a medical diagnosis regarding his breath. (Chronic pulmonary disease: )

He had been restrained in the “devil’s chair” for six hours. He had a spit mask placed on him when he had a breathing condition. What was the purpose to spraying him with pepper? Why was he sprayed repeatedly when he should not have been sprayed at all? He should have been taken to the psychiatric ward of a hospital under the provision of the Baker Act in Florida Law.

Testing with torture is not acceptable law enforcement. Was law enforcement testing to shock him out of his mental condition?  This was not an acceptable application of the scientific method. The law was not enforced. It had been broken by those who were responsible for enforcing it.  

If the last ten years of government in Florida had not been conditioned by the misuse of redistricting to favor the wealthiest, there would not be a two to one majority in the legislature. If there had not been an unfair majority for the last decade, the next election would be about the competition for representation between the parties. As it is, corrections and reparations are in order for the damage that has been done.
It is hard to trust leadership after having been burned by the abuse of authority. Nevertheless, the unfair majority clearly places the responsibility for error on the party who profited from the “majority” leadership. They are culpable for reparations.

The other party is responsible for making corrections. Help take responsibility for the correction. Get out and vote for leaders who support democracy, not dictatorship.
Even though our trust had been exploited, the importance of trust has been re-affirmed.

“You can’t go the distance with too much resistance.
I know you have your doubts but for God’s sake don’t shut me out…”

It’s always been a matter of trust. It is still a matter of trust. Occupy democracy by voting for it.
Steve K.

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