Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shine Forth

Shine forth through the New Year!

The celebration of the birth of Jesus is used to celebrate the re-birth of the solar year. The celebration of the baptism of Jesus is a celebration of renewal in Christ for Christians. The new solar year represents the renewal of time for all.

The linear aspect of time is progressive. Much of this progression is circular in relation to the rotation of spheres. The earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the sun as the galaxy moves away from a point of origination with all other galaxies. Time is both circular and linear. Each year represents renewal in the progress of civilization.
The code of law had been based on the destruction of the accused. The death penalty had been applied to crimes less than murder, yet murder could be excused with the pledge that the death had not been caused with malice.

The legal code had some requirements for conviction. The main criteria for judgment however rested on social status. If the accuser was closer to the imperial party than the accused, the accused was convicted. This law promoted a society that was characterized by the pretense of law abiding behavior, but was undergirded by a homicidal impulse. It was an uncivilized form of civilization.
Now the law is based on the correction of criminal behavior. First the legal system has to prove that the accused was guilty of crime. Then it has to apply measures for correction. The measures are aimed at the rehabilitation, not the destruction of the person who has been convicted.

Statistics and DNA evidence have shown that the system has not been perfect in providing proof that the accused had been guilty of crime. Social status has still played a large role in obtaining convictions. Empathy for those who are working to be rehabilitated is the cost of redemption for society.
It is another new year. The public has been presented with the ‘war on Islam’ by sensationalism in the media. It is time to remember that the more aggressive this so called “war with Islam” is pushed, the more defensive Islamic society has the right to be. A society that promotes human rights has to promote them as the goal for the society that discredits them. Islam is not the problem. The lack of respect for human rights in a government that does not protect freedom of religion is.

Wars of aggression were ruled out by the international standard formed in relation to the world wars. It is not right to invade a country to impose regime change. The change is not organic to the people of the society. Investigation and mediation supported by military intervention is gaining acceptance as a development of the international standard. When there is no proactive effort to correct dictatorship in the world, democracy defaults to oppression.
The people of the nation have to initiate the call for change to an oppressive government. Otherwise, the determinations are made to support the international business oligarchy that promotes the industry of war.

The economic struggle in the world had never been between communism and capitalism. It had been between communism and fascism; the single party political systems that promote the interest of the party. Democracy shines forth as the better political system. Two or more parties have to debate important interests in order to seek the most representative solution.
Insofar as democracy is a reflection of design in representative government, it is sanctioned in the mind of God. Single party representation that claims sole privilege to divine favor however is not. There is much to be done to occupy our democracy. The correction of the unfair advantage afforded to the wealthiest by the political system is a primary goal.

I offer the following as an expression of faith for those who choose to share it.
Creation (Fm Gen.1:1-5)

The earth was a formless void; darkness covered the face of the deep when the Creator was creating life. This was in the beginning. God said, “Let there be light.” The earth turned into the sun. There was light. The light was called day. The dark was called night. There was evening. There was morning. The first day of creation had passed. It was good. (fm. Gen. 1:1-5)
Fm Ps.29

Witness the new creation, you gods.
Ascribe to the Creator glory and strength.
Observe the light as it shines forth.
Attribute beauty to the manifestation
of divine Light.

Revelation is upon the waters;
the God of glory rumbles;
Revelation shines through
the great lifting of mighty waves.
The voice of the LORD
speaks through the crack of lightning.
Some trees are broken by lightning
to redeem the life of the forest.

The Potter of the earth
makes it quake for a shake.
The hills skip like a calf;
The mountains like a wild young ox.
The voice of the Maker
spits the flames of volcano heavenward;
Clouds are pushed into the air;
The wilderness shakes in wonder.

The raging fire
serves a purpose.
The land is prepared for re-birth.
Even when creation groans
all are crying, “Glory!”
in the temple of the LORD.

Christ rules over reparations for disasters.
The RULER reigns with the law of love forever.
Strength is given to the people.
The blessings of peace are rendered
with civility.

Love others as you would have them love you.
Know yourself through your respect for them.
Act only in a way that you could will for all.
Have a happy new year
and shine forth like the star that you are!

Steve K.

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