Sunday, July 24, 2016

Restore 2

Elizabeth Gillies: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

Baransu o kaifuku shimasu 

There is desire 
that is good.
It is not only nice. 
It is necessary.

Satisfaction is a need
that does not make greed.
Thirst is one of the first. 
Hunger is next in number.

There have been times
when leadership has been good.
Basic needs were provisional tinder
for happiness as a measure of satisfaction.
Executive authority was used to override
policies that were aimed at the destruction
of economic growth.

Investment in jobs without weapons
was used to cap spending on technology
for destruction. Investment in responsibility
produced exercise in integrity.

We live in a time when leadership
has placed itself above the law.
Greed has been put over power.
Anti-executive authority has been 
used to override anything for any reason
without accountability for harm.
Profit from destruction 
has been made
the absolute.

The official story is propaganda.
It sells the war on terror.
It uses perpetual partisan division
as the selling point for continual warfare.

If Congress can't agree on anything practical,
it agrees to authorize funding for military 
or law enforcement action; as long as it uses
munitions to sell the public on the perceived need
for greed in the deception of perception.

War is not for victory. If war is won
then it's done. There is nothing to feed
the greed with speed.  Violent aggression
makes a profit by making debt 
a consequence for all.

Facts are organized 
around leadership for private gain.
Banks support Oil for Weapons 
because increasing debt
keeps the private banking 
interest in power
over people.

BOW has become the wow and how!
Buy sham pow for bow now! It slices. It dices.
It kills all your mice!


Favor for the objective goodness
of provision for basic needs has become
the commodity to be valued above all others.

Restoration to goodness
will be achieved by faith.

Faith will make tenacity
for love. Love will spring
from the ground like water
at the source of a stream.

will shine down 
from the sky.

Providence will increase its yield.
Goodness wil shine like a shield.
Purpose will go before direction
to make a path for liberty with justice.

Integrity in finding truth will guide
the definition of purpose
towards the practical goal
with ideals that have limits.

Fun will flourish with happiness.

Faith will restore us to the use of power
with integrity.

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