Saturday, March 19, 2016


Charisma Carpenter: Surviving Evil

Yasashiku shimasu

Be nice to me.
I am in distress.

My eyes are worn by the trail of tears.
My soul is bent with grief.

My life is spent in sorrow;
my years with sighing.

My strength fails 
because of misery.

My bones waste away.
I am the scorn of adversity 
born by adversaries. I am the target
of terror for advocates of violence;
an object of dread for the brief
in acquaintance; who exploit 
the appearance of loss
for the illusion of conquest.

Those who see what has been done
flee from me in the streets.
I have been pressed 
from my mind as one 
who has died. The vessel
for my essence has been bent
but not broken.

Whispers whirl like twisters
spreading fear with their sound.

They seem to scheme against me.
They threaten to take my life.

I put my trust in your salvation.
You are my deliverance.

My time is in your hands.
Deliver me from the enemies
who persecute me.

Let your love shine
through my face.

Save me with your energy
through my hands.

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