Saturday, February 6, 2016


David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson: The Fans Are Still Out There

Katsu Hoko

Win the detection of direction.

Who wins what, when?
Let the people assemble
to organize for public benefit.

What wins when for how many?
Consider the future for our children.

The right to life reduces strife.
It is the first principle for the rule of law.
The confession of profession decreases tension.

It is awesome to declare your own path; to proclaim
the detection of your direction with the help of instruction
is not an infection or an insurrection. It is affection 
for the people with whom you will work.

O mighty lover of equity, you have established 
justice as the goal for law in society.

Competition has helped to develop affinity for direction.
If you don't like the contest, you can find another area
to work as your arena.

Proclaim the greatness of your faith.
Stay with that which is right about your choices.

Don't hold on to the error of false beliefs. 
Delusion prevents learning from false statements.

Education looks for other affirmations to test.
Inference and deduction are tools for reason.
Observation tests knowledge for perspective.
Assimilation re-structures and adjusts 
paradigms for new information.

Reason speaks through each season.

The awesome stretch of the tornado's 
towering pillar of power tells us 
about atmospheric disturbance
of cloud.

The raging sage is in time but,
outside of imagined mind. It is caused 
by the change in temperature from coldness
to warmth. Our behavior has to adjust 
to the season for our protection.

We are not being told to destroy other people 
as a threat to our security. We are being directed
to build better shelters with plans for protection
based on knowledge known for our safety.

When we lived in the wilderness the pathways
of destruction were observed and avoided.

The land said something about the path
for the great spiral's pillage. Nooks and crannies
among rocks, in ditches or in places away 
from the destruction provided 
refuge from the storm.

Now we have radar vision 
and meters for electronic measure to tell us
when we have to go out there to watch 
for the funnel cloud as destroyer.

When shelter won't work, 
escape to safer ground will.

Insight is our height. Height still lends perspective
regarding the lay of the land, but insight gives us wings
for flight or cover for our protection.

Organization for safety from the destructiveness 
of the elements is our greatest protection, 
but salvation is the resurrection 
of good goals in political direction. 

99 Dominus regnavit

1 The Lord is King;
let the people tremble; *
he is enthroned upon the cherubim;
let the earth shake.
2 The Lord is great in Zion; *
he is high above all peoples.
3 Let them confess his Name, which is great and awesome; *
he is the Holy One.
4 "O mighty King, lover of justice,
you have established equity; *
you have executed justice and righteousness in Jacob."
5 Proclaim the greatness of the Lord our God
and fall down before his footstool; *
he is the Holy One.
6 Moses and Aaron among his priests,
and Samuel among those who call upon his Name, *
they called upon the Lord, and he answered them.
7 He spoke to them out of the pillar of cloud; *
they kept his testimonies and the decree that he gave them.
8 "O Lord our God, you answered them indeed; *
you were a God who forgave them,
yet punished them for their evil deeds."
9 Proclaim the greatness of the Lord our God
and worship him upon his holy hill; *
for the Lord our God is the Holy One.

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