Saturday, January 2, 2016



Yorokobi o kanjimasu.

Rise to be wise.
Shine while you dine.
Find the sublime in time.
Get in line with design.

Be new for all and for you;

born by spirit; just hear it; be near it.

Walk calmly. Stand tall.

Let the turbulence fall.
Walk on water. Don't stall.

Look upon joy as your toy.

Life's essence is our defense.

One day in your presence 

is better than a thousand
without you. It is better 
to stand on the threshold 
of goodness than to dwell
in the company of cruelty
or violence.

Faith is both our sun and our shield.

Love gives grace with glory.

Nothing good will be withheld

from those who walk with integrity.

Happy are those who put their trust in truth.

We construct justice with joy by the design
for life in reality. 

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