Sunday, January 24, 2016


Laura Vandervoort will play Indigo on "Supergirl."

the Air
Kūki o sengen 

Declare the air. It's free. It's fair.
It's there to breath.

The heavens declare air, darkness and light.

The earth shows the promise of substance.

One day tells time to another. 

One night imparts knowledge to others.

Though time has no words or language,

the message has gone to the ends of the world;
the sound has gone out to all lands.

The scene has been set for the sun in the deep.

Illumination rises like a champion to show
that revolution on an axis in orbit around the sun
looks like the source is moved around the planet.

The stage has been set for the world to turn

from the uttermost edge of light to the other end of sight.
Darkness retreats from the rays of radiance.

The rule of law requires cultivation

with respect for rights. Rights for people
are the wealth for the nation.

No one is above the law.

Judgment is for liberty with justice
without discrimination
for any reason. 

Justice revives the soul.

It gives wisdom to all 
who need it.

Do not harbor false beliefs.

Do not abuse your authority.

Respect your responsibility.

Preserve time for rest.

Honor your family for length in life.

Do not murder. Do not destroy property
or relations. Do not steal. Do not bear false witness.
Do not covet another's property. Do not support 
sacrifice for invasion, genocide, violence or cruelty.

Provide a portion of your income for the poor,

the disabled, the elderly and education.
Spending on social security restrains 
expenditures for defense.

Do you believe in God?

Put your faith in action with love for others.
You earn respect by honoring rights for all.

Keep yourself from harming others 

to keep yourself from crime. Deter self injury
to prevent mental illness. Deter harm to others
to stop violence. Care for those who need it.

Love your enemy.

Hate violence and deception
or you will  never progress in justice
or find justice in progress.

The rule of law is for justice.

It gives joy to the heart 
and insight to the mind.

It makes love grow
in the garden of soul.

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