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Acts 2:41-42
Then those souls who gladly received his word were baptized; about three thousand were added to them that day. They continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.


Baptism is the rite by which someone is reborn in the Spirit. It is a reminder that there is a responsibility to maintain an open invitation to welcome others into the Church. The creed is the symbol for faith. It is a guide to Trinitarian theology.

The Eucharist breaks bread for communion with the Son. The words for institution establish the commemoration of Jesus as Christ. The study of scripture develops historical perspective for the community of faith. Administration for the community of people in different nations has adapted for the respective communions. Priests are pastors who are called to guide people into faith.

Maturity in faith develops morality with good works without cruelty towards others.

William Reed Huntington (1838-1909 CE)

William Reed Huntington was an American priest. He was the rector for All Saints Church in Worcester, Massachusetts from 1862-1883. He moved to New York to serve as the pastor for Grace Church from 1883 until his death in 1909.

He is known for his role in the formulation of the Chicago-Lambeth quadrilateral. The quadrilateral is an articulation of the four points for unity in Christianity. The four points were formulated in the essay “The Church Idea, An Essay Toward Unity” in 1870. 

They served as a postulation for Anglican identity and a basis for dialog with the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant communions.

The points were presented as a resolution to a conference of bishops in Chicago in 1886. The resolution was passed and presented to the Lambeth conference in 1888. It was modified and passed in the current form.

The first three points were modified.
The definition for scripture was changed from the “revealed Word of God” to the rule and standard for the faith containing all things necessary for salvation.

The Apostles Creed was added to the Nicene Creed in the second point.

The sacraments for Baptism and the “Supper of the Lord” were identified as ordained by “Christ Himself.” The words for institution were retained as a defining element for the Eucharist.

Adaptation is a key element in the fourth point. The local adaptation for the varying needs of the nations and peoples in the administration of the call to God in the unity of the Church is the basis for dialog between church administrations.

The call for unity does not demand the eradication of the different churches, but it is aimed at reconciliation from schism.

Church and state relations are such that too much unity in Church communication with political organization can result in dictates that contradict the human rights granted by God.

While dictatorship is not in accord with human rights and division in administration deters the claim over the highest level of government, the variants in organization are facilitating discrimination in the respective churches.

Catholics overstate celibacy. Protestants overstate marriage. Orthodox Christians overstate male leadership in church administration. Racism is evident as a byproduct of majority authority in lay leadership.

The call for unity cannot be answered with another form of discrimination as a support for the tyranny of dictatorship. The oppression of rights is not an acceptable by-product for membership in the body of Christ.

The reconciliation of schism is still advisable as an element in the redemption of the world, but the promotion of tyranny conflicts with civil tranquility (peace) as taken with respect for rights as an expression of the will of God.

The Church of Ireland

Lambeth Conference

William Reed Huntington

Salvation is survival with faith. Faith holds the belief that we can make the world a better place to live. We play a role in participatory government.  We have a historical perspective that recognizes the importance of rights.

fm Ps 138

Thanks will be given with my heart.
Praises will be raised like rays
from the rising sun.

Eyes will be cast down
from the brilliant light
that shines from the sky
to illuminate your temple,
the earth.

The constancy of your light
proclaims the warmth of your love
and faithfulness. The growth of
plant and animal life provides
satisfaction for basic needs.

Your law glorifies justice.
Your justice uses judgment.
Your judgment uses reason.
Your reason aligns with design.

Experience with education
from instruction, observation,
tests and experiment
guides us in understanding
nature’s plan.

When I call upon you,
you answer me.
You increase strength
within me.

Leaders of the earth will honor you.
The representation of rights
within the rule of law
will prepare the way
for respect.

Leadership will sing for the LORD.
Great is the glory of your Name.
As the sun shines down from high in the sky
to the ground, so will representation
in government reach out to help the poor.

Tyranny is not justified by the elements.
Cruelty is not the means to obtain correction.
Organization for construction, production
and the management of resources with labor
are based on the elements for design.

Though I walk in the midst of trouble,
faith keeps me safe. Hope is my rope.
Love is my stronghold.

 Causality will show purpose.
Life will justify survival.
Survival sings thanks for existence.
Love endures.


The rule of law provides security. Security provides protection for survival. No one is above the law. No one has the right to play judge, jury and executioner.

The acquittal of George Zimmerman showed that there is a need to “Stand Your Ground” (SYG) against poor government representation. The SYG legislation was enacted by a supermajority in a state where the majority group is not that large in relation to the size of other groups.

The supermajority was not duly elected. Their seats were purchased. Vote manipulation was attained with the use of electronic voting machines. Seats were retained with the use of gerrymandering. There were two Republicans for every Democrat in a state where most are registered as Democrats. 

The supermajority has been reduced to a majority, but they still suffer from the same error in definition. They limit their representation to industry profit. This limitation sets the stage for another error; the belief that the majority is given the economic and social advantage in relation to industry profit. This was the environment into which the first major test for the SYG law found a dismal result.

The SYG law is flawed because it assumes that anyone who buys a gun will use reasonable judgment with it. Feeling that someone else without a deadly weapon is a threat is not reasonable. The claim that someone 27 pounds lighter was pounding the heavier person’s head into the concrete lacks credibility.

The audio tapes revealed that Trayvon had asked for help when he was being attacked, then screamed with fear when he saw the gun drawn. The testimony from Good and Zimmerman was discounted by the evidence, yet Zimmerman was acquitted.

Why? The flawed law was interpreted without respect for reasonable judgment. The jury rejected the body of evidence and accepted the theoretical proposition that killing was not murder for self-defense. The acquittal displayed poor judgment. The judgment lacked reasonable recognition of a life threatening situation.

This lack of validity in inductive reasoning reflected the influence of people who were brainwashed into believing that an elitist government empowers members of the majority group to define authority in the rule of law as limited to persons in the largest group. 

This false reasoning is based on the misunderstanding of what democracy is. When the definition of democracy is limited to “majority rule” in terms of the largest group, an environment for abuse is established. 

Democracy has constitutional representation for rights so we do not reduce ourselves to the representation of the largest group. Rights protect majority rule in relation to the largest majority: the entire group.  

Support government that represents all people, including the poor.

Don't limit representation to industry profit.

When unfair standards in interpretation are applied to flawed laws, it's time to elect a new government. How do we insure fairness in voting practices? We need to outlaw vote manipulation in general and electronic voting machines in particular.

A representative government has to be in place to accomplish this legislatively. We can hope for an election win with the sheer weight of numbers in opposition to the poverty in representation, but we need the help of law enforcement to accomplish improvement.  
 The use of early voting ballots is advisable. These ballots are scanned. They are the paper trail should a recount be requested.

The military in Egypt came to the aid of the people there when they protested. Egypt is just one country in the Middle East that gives us a reason to reflect on democracy and the importance of representing rights. Islam is the majority religion in Egypt.

Even though the Muslim brotherhood and the affiliated Islamists put a provision for freedom of religion in the constitution, it was not representative of equal rights.

The provision favored Islam; leaving the Muslim brotherhood with special favor. It was political documentation that laid claim to freedom for the trivialization of rights. Rights for minority groups have to be protected from the abuse of majority authority by law or the largest group will attempt to hold an indefinite amount of power over others.

Rep. Mike Rogers Proposes Continued Support for Egyptian Military
Rep. Mike Rogers said Sunday that the Egyptian military is a stabilizing force and should continue to receive U.S. aid, despite its role in deposing a democratically elected government.”

What else does this say to Americans in Florida? Protest. Protest can accomplish change. Treat partisan claims with skepticism. Complain about flawed laws and poverty in representation.

We don't want dictatorship for corporate profit. It is not in the interest of the people. Cash flow is restricted in a way that harms too many.  We want government that represents rights for people!

The continuation of the “trickle down” economy makes things go slow for those of us with a low cash flow. The cash flow for the upper class on the other hand is like a freight train running out of control.  The speed is so fast, the train is bound to run off the tracks.

Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath
Old Charlie stole the handle and
The train won't stop going --
No way to slow down.
He hears the silence howling --
Catches angels as they fall.
And the all-time winner
Has got him by the balls.”

The relativity of love calls for a reduction in CEO salary and corporate profit by taxation. Payment is not being made for security by those who are profiting so richly from the financing of service in weapons and technology production.

Steve K.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


                                                                  Helen Thomas
"I don't think a tough question is disrespectful. I say. ´Mr. President...´ I say, ´Thank you.´ What else do you want? The presidential news conference is the only forum in our society where a president can be questioned. If he's not questioned, he can rule by edict; by government order... He can be a dictator, and who is to find out? No. He should be questioned and he should always be able to willingly reply and answer to all questions because these aren't our questions. They're the people's questions."

Face the Faces for the New Eve


Faith has maintained a role in political action. The quest for truth leads to belief in something better than that which was established by elitist society. Freedom of religion does not promote the establishment of a state religion by defending the right to free exercise.

Faith is an open door to improvement for the democratic republic. If slavery had not been abolished; if voting rights had not been extended to white women and people of color; if due process of law had not been instituted as a correction for the abuse of majority rule; the republic would not have made any progress in regards to representation for the rights of people by government.

Our progress towards representative government is being pushed into regression by the aggression of the elitist economy. Our rights are being reduced to the right to pay for national security. Social security is being pilfered as part of the process. The elitists have elevated their rights to the right to take money from the presumption of service to the nation by their accumulation of wealth.

We need to get back on road to freedom. The remembrance of those who made progress in the struggle helps build the faith that we can make a change. We can move towards that representation in which we can believe.

Rosa Parks (1913-2005)
Ain't she something good!
"According to Alabama law during the '50s, blacks and whites couldn't occupy the same row. When told by the bus driver to give up the row to the white man, three of the blacks left for the back of the bus, but Mrs. Parks simply refused. She was quickly arrested and sent to jail."

Five More Faces
Sojourner Truth (1798-1883)
Ain't she a woman!
"When she was travelling, and someone asked her name, she said "Sojourner," meaning that she was a citizen of heaven, and a wanderer on earth. She then gave her surname as "Truth," on the grounds that God was her Father, and His name was Truth."

Harriet Ross Tubman (1820-1913)
Ain't she for freedom!
"In 1844, she escaped to Canada, but returned to help others escape. Working with other Abolitionists, chiefly white Quakers, she made at least nineteen excursions into Maryland in the 1850's, leading more than 300 slaves to freedom. "

Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902)
Ain't she an advocate!
"Mrs. Stanton was born in 1815 and reared in the Presbyterian Church. She found the Calvinist doctrine of predestination dismaying, and rebelled against it. She denounced the clergy of her day for not upholding women's rights, but as she travelled giving speeches on the subject, she found no lack of pulpits available to her."

Amelia Jenks Bloomer (1818-1894)
Ain't she the maker of bloomers!
"Mrs. Bloomer and her husband eventually settled in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where she worked to promote churches, schools, libraries, and progressive and reform movements."

Helen Thomas (1920-2013)
Ain’t she the pistol!

Helen Thomas died at 92 years of age on Saturday, July 20, 2013. She was a barrier busting White House correspondent.

Helen Thomas Died  
"Ms. Thomas bitterly opposed the war in Iraq…” She made no effort to appear neutral at White House news conferences, where some of her questions were prosecutorial.  She wrote that most White House and Pentagon reporters had been too willing to accept the Bush administration’s rationale for going to war in her last book."


National and social security are posited as the major concerns for government. Those who reject social security to favor sales to the weapons and high tech industries are distorting proportion in representation.  Defense is important. Provision for basic needs is as well. Both are essential to survival.
These concerns need to be balanced in terms of thought, emotion and the budget.  Exclusive investment in national security profits those that promote the industry for war. This is not representation for the people. It is an elitist agenda that needs to be corrected.
The following piece celebrates natural proportion in finding security in relation to the disproportions faced by perspective:

The eagle slides along the drifting cloud,
seeking movement on the still land.
Catch the swirling wind, sailor.
See the rim of cloud as sand.
Dancing wings create weather;
spins out of hand.

Fm Ps 15
Who will live in safety?
Who will live with the vantage
of advantage?

Whoever lives a good life;
does what is right;
who speaks truth
with the strength of heart.
There is no guile of tongue;
no deception of friends;
no contempt for neighbors.

Wickedness has been rejected.
Those who respect others
are honored.
A wrong does not last long.
Promise is constant by design.

Interest is shared fairly.
Bribes are not entertained.

Corruption is corrected.
Reparations prepare the way
for redemption.
Whoever respects rights
will live past loss of life.

Why do people get frustrated with democratic procedures? There is a problem with definition. Some define democracy as majority rule. The expectation is that “the people” get what they want based on membership in the largest social group.

Those of European descent that hold this expectation think that the people of the democracy are white. White people get what white people want. Others simply have to take less of a trickle in “trickle down” economics. This view only reinforces the elitist mechanism of oppression.

Some define democracy as the abuse of majority rule. The experience of struggling to find provision for taking care of basic needs in relation to “less trickle” induces contempt for this form of government.
How is a majority rule government supposed to represent all the people in the nation? All the people are the greatest majority. Still, minorities have to have distinct protections.

Freedom of religion; speech; and media expression are protections. The right to vote is a protection. The right to self-defense is a protection.  Due process of law is a protection.  These protections are aimed at maintaining respect for the representation of all the people in government; minorities included.
How did a government that had been working towards a balanced budget, find itself with a deficit of over a trillion dollars? The dramatic change was caused by a major tragedy that was used to shock most of the nation into a state of fear so sectarian prejudice against Islam could be exploited to justify two invasion level events.

It was war that turned balance into a massive deficit. It was the industry for war that used a false flag event to subordinate progress in democracy to submission to elitist tyranny. It was the elitists that organized representation for the industry of war that accomplished something that no reasonable person would have wished on their worst enemy.
Recently, the nation achieved its lowest deficit in five years.
The federal government on Thursday (7/11/13) reported a rare surplus of $116.5 billion in June, the largest for a single month in five years. The gain kept the nation on track for its lowest annual deficit in five years.”

The reduction was achieved at a price however. The cost was the stimulus package that catered to the private sector, primarily industry.  John Kenneth Galbraith’s theory of countervailing power was not employed. Keynesian economics was discarded to favor a stimulation package that pushed bull politics for bull economics and a bull market in a situation that had favored bear policies in the past.
There is something to be said for building up industries for human service to countervail against the industry for war, but the greatest problem with the economy, the excessive accumulation of capital by the wealthiest sector of society, was not corrected.

The Bush era level of tax shelter for rich people was allowed to expire, but the representation of the public with public sector employment has been restricted to national security. This means that people who had been working to manage provision for the basic needs of the poor and disabled are now expected to take up weapons to point at those who are suffering from lack of provision.

Deficit reduction in this case is not economic progress. It is simply making the nation wait until representation for elitism is shifted from those who support the industry of war to those who are for human service. While the strategy may result in a return to democracy with respect for rights, it is another example of how war has been used to arrest and reverse progression in the representation of rights.

We are once again, our own greatest enemy when we accept these concessions to wars for aggression as necessary for progression.

Evarose – We Can Pretend Anyway

Knowing that the best is behind you
I was disappointed to find out the hard way

“We have met the enemy
And we know he is us”
Those who are responsible for organizing the lobby for invasion level events need to be prosecuted for high crime by the DOJ.  Oppose war. Support the poor. Take back our rights!  

Steve K.

Sunday, July 14, 2013




Morality is the practical value for faith. What is the role for reason? Reason is used to form judgment with logic. It is used to define morality in a reasonable way.

Kant: The Categorical Imperative

Act only in a way that you could will for others. Respect the intrinsic value of people. Don’t use others as a means to an end.

Practical principles are propositions that contain a general determination of the will. Rules are for the operation of a principle.

Principles are subjective when the condition is regarded as valid by the subject only for his or her will. These are maxims.

Principles are objective when the condition is recognized as practical law; that is valid for the will of every rational being. (“Critique of Practical Reason,” Book 1, Chap. 1, Defn. 1)

Reason uses logic to form judgment about objective and subjective conditions. Logic can be structured deductively or inductively, but when something in reality is being analyzed, deductive logic informs and qualifies inductive investigation.

How does this apply to faith? Faith looks for improvement in past precedent. Faith sees that life can be lived with happiness and love. It will not restrict existence to dependence upon doing things as they had been done even when the way for doing them was wrong.

Violence, aggression, cruelty, oppression and domination were used to justify false flag events, wars for aggression, genocide, murder, apartheid, targeted killing, torture, indefinite detention without trial, false convictions, slavery and usury for the excessive accumulation of capital or power.

Reason rules out that which is unacceptable to living a good life and uses measure to establish proportions for correction in finding provision for basic needs.

Fm Psalm 25

I lift up my soul to you, LORD.
I put my trust in you, my God.
Do not let me be humiliated.
Do not let my enemies triumph over me.

Let none who look to you be put to shame.
Let the treacherous be betrayed by their treachery.
Let the deceitful be deceived by their deceit.
Let the destructive have their dedication
to destruction destroyed.
Let restitution restore justice.

Show me your ways.
Teach me your paths.
Lead me to truth for goodness
with justice and mercy.
Teach me the joy of living.
You are the God of my salvation.
I put my trust in you.

Your love, your law and your mercy are everlasting.

Forgive the errors and transgressions of my youth.
Remember me according to your love
for the sake of your goodness.

The LORD is gracious and just.
Humility guides the humble into correction.
Respect for human rights leads the respectful
into truth for goodness with liberty and justice
for all in the law.  

All paths to the LORD require faith with love.
Joy and prosperity go to those
who honor the rule of law
with respect for human rights.


Republics are made by the right to vote.

The right to vote made the distinction between non-democratic monarchy (despotism) and a republic. The right to vote in the Roman republic was restricted to the wealthy male landowners. Women, slaves and adult children were not allowed to vote.

A disproportionate amount of wealth was acquired by the wealthy in the support for military actions for imperial expansion. Military action allowed them to take more slaves for the slave society. This arrangement established a different form of dictatorship. The emperor was largely a mouthpiece for the wealthy. 

The US Constitution looks great by comparison. Wealthy male landowners are not the only ones who can vote. Anyone who can afford to get to the poll place can vote. Women and people of color have the right to vote. Voting has come to be regarded as an expression of the will of the people. Respect for the republic promotes equity in society when it is taken seriously.

Why is there so much economic disparity? If people have a voice in government and the government is representing the people, a healthy economy is defined by the prosperity for people. Economic inequity is still a primary way in which the wealthiest people in society control outcomes for their advantage.

The count of votes is manipulated by wealth. Money buys campaign promises and lobbies that institute legislative acts for industry. When votes and decisions are manipulated to represent the rights for the wealthiest, then the will of the people is suppressed to favor the elitist minority. Their advantage has to be reduced. They have to pay a larger share of taxes. As it is, they pay about 40% of the rate that is paid by the common taxpayer.

Meritocracy by education and experience has to be respected by leadership in hiring, promotion and benefit practices.

Industrial imperialism stands between us and the republic.

Zimmerman Acquitted

The Zimmerman acquittal is offensive to justice in the republic. He was acquitted because he was a gun owner with light skin. The gun industry paid for the verdict with their manipulation of public perception through media expression.

When the audio tapes are considered in relation to the chain of evidence a picture is clarified for judgment.

The requests for help turned into the screams of fear. The screams came from the one who saw the gun. Would Zimmerman have been screaming with fear as he pulled the gun? If Trayvon were on top doing a “ground pound” would he have even seen a gun being pulled from a waist holster? Would he have been screaming if he could have shifted from punching to struggling to take the gun?

The claim to self-defense was disproved by the inconsistencies in Zimmerman’s account. The Defense claimed that the inconsistencies disproved testimony for the second degree murder charge. It was a typical con job.

Contrary to what O’Mara declared, Trayvon would have been charged with murder even if he had killed Zimmerman in self-defense.

The acquittal was racist. Discrimination is an offense to the people of the republic.

Zimmerman and those who acquitted him will have to stand the trial of conscience in the court of social justice.

Guns will not provide protection against remorse for murder and the miscarriage of justice.

The spirit of Trayvon Martin lives on in the clarion call for improvement in the republic.

David Guetta – Titanium
You shoot me down,
but I won’t fall.
I am titanium.

Ideas are bulletproof.
Live for a better way of life.
Your life will transcend
the length of time that you live.

Steve K.  

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Roar for the poor.
Then roar some more.


The west hates itself when it looks at North Korea or Iran. Why? The media expression of aggression towards the development of nuclear power by these nations is defensive.
The west had used atomic weapons on non-combatants to “end” WWII with tyrannical oppression. The western coalition is the only alliance that has invaded foreign nations with military force since the end of WWII. High crime has been used to “win.” Now the victory shows itself as hollow; a loss pretending to be a win.

The only “bi-partisan” legislation passed in the US since the destruction of the World Trade Center towers has been made in concession to single party dominance by the party who endorsed the wars of aggression after the false flag event. 
So who bears the brunt of the indignation for single party domination? North Korea, Iran or some other single party government are presented in the western media as “threats” to human rights.

It has been bi-partisan legislation like the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that has diminished civil and human rights in what had been representative government when social security was being shown adequate respect. These flawed laws have been nothing but concession to partisan aggression.
The next time you read a story about how North Korea or Iran is a threat to human rights, read it carefully. Read for facts. Watch out for propaganda. Remember, there is a need to protest flawed laws.

These laws degrade the value of social security. They undermine the authority of our welfare. We can’t entertain unlimited spending on national security and establish a balanced budget.
Joseon Hakkyo
N. Korean Schools in Japan
Chongyron organization
“Its schools (known as joseon hakkyo, or Joseon schools) are vestiges of Korea’s colonial history rather than true indoctrination camps. But Chongryon serves as North Korea’s de facto embassy in Japan.”

Single party government can posture as democracy. The “era of good feelings” chose to operate under the premise that all the people were united in whatever the party decided was right for the republic. It was one of the largest defaults from democracy to despotism in US history.
Many Republicans had to split from the party to encourage debate and competition. They came to be known as Democrats. Democracy has to have at least two parties in order to represent the diversity of interests among people.

When bi-partisan legislation is written to appease partisan aggression however, it is a return to de facto party dictatorship. It is better to entertain gridlock in passing legislation than it is to pass flawed law into “legal” existence.
Congress was the name applied to the US version of parliament. The intent for the name is that law will be debated and discussed until something can be passed into legislation that will not distort the representation of vested interest for the people in accord with the bill of rights. This agreement or congress has to take form in a balanced budget.

Congress means agreement. Legal agreement has to be formed in relation to the bill of rights with fairness in business and government practice.

“Freedom of Religion” in the Egyptian constitution had been slanted to favor the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists. It implied a “democratic” claim to Islam as the state religion. Sectarian conflict will not be diminished unless people are allowed to participate in government without a state religion.

Unified in Opposition to Sectarian Conflict
“In April and May, Zogby Research polled over 5,000 Egyptian adults and found what they term "near universal confidence in the army." That level of confidence held across the political spectrum.”
Teaching morality is the public function for religion in a democratic society. The morality has to maintain ethical integrity if it is not to fall into the error of majority or minority tyranny. Elitism is the tyranny of the smallest minority that exploits the competition between majority and minority groups in the nation to maximize profit through industry.

The industry for war has been the largest exploitative device for elitists in history.  The following piece protests exploitation and celebrates joy with prosperity for the people.
Psalm 66 Isa.66 Gal.6 Lk. 10

Take more
from those who had
agreed to live with less?

You will hear a roar.
It is the roar for the poor.

The people say “No more.”
You will take no more
from us or the poor!

You will have
no more war
for aggression.

No more
graft for possession
by concession.

No more
deception by concession
to partisan transgression

No more
corruption by abduction
for the power of false functions.

No more
or we will show you the door
in order to restore
living for others
within reasonable means.

We will see the sun
rise to proclaim majesty
for the Author of existence!

Be joyful, all you lands.
Rejoice with peace where you live.
Be glad for all who love what you give
great Seer in the skies!

Sing for you.
Sing for me.

The earth receives seas
of light
from your shine
as you rise to the skies.

The wind finds delight
from the crushing rush
in the heat
from your bright
star’s light.

Storms find power
from the strength
of your change
by the hour.

Come now and see
the works for doing
what is right
in the living
of the good life!

We will not cease.
We will not tire.
We will work
for goodness.

We will reap
the joy of faith
in the harvest.

Be friendly.

Greet others with a smile.
Wish goodness for fortune
in life. Hope for the best.
Stay prepared for the worst.

Respect the right
to respect rights.

The love of God is with you.
When you are not welcomed
retain your protest against
domination with aggression.

 Walk with respect for faith.
Let the road meet your feet
with a gentle stride.

You will rejoice
with experience
for education
with what you learn
about yourself from others.

Bless God as LORD people!
Let the voice of your praise
be heard!

Near Death Experience = NDE

NDE's provide evidence for life after death. The experience is limited to those who have had intimations of life after clinical death, but the main value appears to be the feeling that life is worth living when it is lived as worthwhile.

Bede pointed to the moment of death as life defining. If you can look back on your life with the conviction that you had done the best that you could with what you had been given, then you lived a good life. Others will remember you as an example for good living.

It becomes apparent upon reflection that ethical morality or living a good life is the practical value for faith. Morality retains ethical authenticity when the rights for an individual are earned by the representation of rights for others.

When George Zimmerman pursued and killed Trayvon Martin, he threatened every law abiding person on the planet. He ignored probable cause to pursue somebody he judged to be “suspicious” because of skin color. Trayvon was not armed. He was walking home from the store with a bag of candy and an iced tea after having watched the NBA All Star game with his father.

No one in a neighborhood watch should report an incident without probable cause; much less pursue someone with a gun. When there is cause for suspicion, the police should be contacted. Hate speech with the possession of a lethal weapon constitute a valid reason for suspicion. If anyone needed to be investigated the night that Trayvon was killed, it was George Zimmerman.
The use of profanity against a group of people for having been born different with a different color and the statement “They get away with everything” shows an angry state of mind. The term ‘racist’ cannot be taken lightly in this context. The racism proved hostile intent. The pursuit proved disregard for the law.

Zimmerman gave law enforcement reason for investigating his behavior. He wasn’t even charged with murder until protest forced the state government to prosecute the charge to represent neighborhood security for people in Florida.
The corroboration of the audio tapes and the witness testimony demonstrate that George Zimmerman pursued Trayvon Martin without probable cause; that George caught Trayvon. There was a scuffle. Trayvon was pushed to the ground.

George outweighed Trayvon by 27 pounds. Anyone who knows about weight classes in sports knows that this is a significant difference. Trayvon’s DNA was found on the right sleeve of George’s jacket. The same hand that was cut on the back was used to grab the sleeve. Trayvon had grabbed George by the sleeve to stop him from punching. His hand was cut on the ground in the process.
The video at the police station shows that blood was brushed from the bottom of Zimmerman’s jacket. Blood was not sprayed all over as would have been the case had Trayvon been on top.

George Zimmerman’s claim of self defense was false; as was the testimony from Jonathon Good. The physician’s assistant testified that Zimmerman had told her that he was training in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Good used the terms “MMA style” and “ground pound” to describe the actions of the person on top, but he said that the darker skinned person was on top.  Good was testifying to protect Zimmerman’s claim; not to describe events as they occurred.
He was a confederate who had most likely trained in MMA with Zimmerman. It is likely that he punched Zimmerman in the nose after Trayvon had been shot to make it look like Trayvon had been the aggressor.

The chain of evidence shows that George Zimmerman is guilty of second degree murder. He had pursued Trayvon without cause. He had been the aggressor. He shot and killed an unarmed man, then used the claim of self defense to try to get away with the murder.

The NRA lobby is working to get Zimmerman acquitted because he owned a gun. The fact that he is the son of a judge only underscores the potential to cloud the issue to favor the gun owner as a legal citizen and disfavor public perception against the deceased as a delinquent teen. Justice is not a popularity contest. We are not supposed to form a judgment that defends the defendant because his skin is lighter in color than the deceased.
His membership in the majority group does not exonerate him from murder. Acquittal would send the message to gun owners that they can get away with murder if “self defense” is used for a justification. This message is not for the greater good of the public. The gun industry likes it because they believe that it will sell more of their product.

Sporting events like the NBA all star game show that people of different colors can play together well, when the rules are observed with respect for sportsmanship.

Killing for anything other than self-defense is murder. Moreover, deadly weapons can only be used in defense against lethal force. Trayvon was outweighed by 27 pounds. He was not on top doing a “ground pound” as Good had said.

George Zimmerman had the training.  He had the weight advantage. He was inflicting damage. Then he pulled out his gun and shot Trayvon in the chest. For what? We don’t know. We do know that George Zimmerman is trying to get away with murder, because that is what the evidence has shown. He needs to be convicted for the charge against him.

We need to use our taxpaying power to protest the violation of our rights by "law" in different areas of government.  We are a team that has to insure that the leadership is representing our interests. We have to join forces to oppose the elitism that seeks to set us in a perpetual life and death struggle against each other for their unending profit.

Any enterprise that has been set up to never lose, is not worth the support that had been given to it on paper.

Disney stars – Circle of Life
Some say, eat or be eaten.
Some say, live and let live.
But all are agreed
as they join the stampede.
You should never take more than you give.

We need to roar for the poor; sing for goodness and joy; and celebrate our youth for truth. Hold your hand up high to testify. We believe that we need to proceed to achieve justice together for the goodness of living.

Steve K.