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Morality is the practical value for faith. What is the role for reason? Reason is used to form judgment with logic. It is used to define morality in a reasonable way.

Kant: The Categorical Imperative

Act only in a way that you could will for others. Respect the intrinsic value of people. Don’t use others as a means to an end.

Practical principles are propositions that contain a general determination of the will. Rules are for the operation of a principle.

Principles are subjective when the condition is regarded as valid by the subject only for his or her will. These are maxims.

Principles are objective when the condition is recognized as practical law; that is valid for the will of every rational being. (“Critique of Practical Reason,” Book 1, Chap. 1, Defn. 1)

Reason uses logic to form judgment about objective and subjective conditions. Logic can be structured deductively or inductively, but when something in reality is being analyzed, deductive logic informs and qualifies inductive investigation.

How does this apply to faith? Faith looks for improvement in past precedent. Faith sees that life can be lived with happiness and love. It will not restrict existence to dependence upon doing things as they had been done even when the way for doing them was wrong.

Violence, aggression, cruelty, oppression and domination were used to justify false flag events, wars for aggression, genocide, murder, apartheid, targeted killing, torture, indefinite detention without trial, false convictions, slavery and usury for the excessive accumulation of capital or power.

Reason rules out that which is unacceptable to living a good life and uses measure to establish proportions for correction in finding provision for basic needs.

Fm Psalm 25

I lift up my soul to you, LORD.
I put my trust in you, my God.
Do not let me be humiliated.
Do not let my enemies triumph over me.

Let none who look to you be put to shame.
Let the treacherous be betrayed by their treachery.
Let the deceitful be deceived by their deceit.
Let the destructive have their dedication
to destruction destroyed.
Let restitution restore justice.

Show me your ways.
Teach me your paths.
Lead me to truth for goodness
with justice and mercy.
Teach me the joy of living.
You are the God of my salvation.
I put my trust in you.

Your love, your law and your mercy are everlasting.

Forgive the errors and transgressions of my youth.
Remember me according to your love
for the sake of your goodness.

The LORD is gracious and just.
Humility guides the humble into correction.
Respect for human rights leads the respectful
into truth for goodness with liberty and justice
for all in the law.  

All paths to the LORD require faith with love.
Joy and prosperity go to those
who honor the rule of law
with respect for human rights.


Republics are made by the right to vote.

The right to vote made the distinction between non-democratic monarchy (despotism) and a republic. The right to vote in the Roman republic was restricted to the wealthy male landowners. Women, slaves and adult children were not allowed to vote.

A disproportionate amount of wealth was acquired by the wealthy in the support for military actions for imperial expansion. Military action allowed them to take more slaves for the slave society. This arrangement established a different form of dictatorship. The emperor was largely a mouthpiece for the wealthy. 

The US Constitution looks great by comparison. Wealthy male landowners are not the only ones who can vote. Anyone who can afford to get to the poll place can vote. Women and people of color have the right to vote. Voting has come to be regarded as an expression of the will of the people. Respect for the republic promotes equity in society when it is taken seriously.

Why is there so much economic disparity? If people have a voice in government and the government is representing the people, a healthy economy is defined by the prosperity for people. Economic inequity is still a primary way in which the wealthiest people in society control outcomes for their advantage.

The count of votes is manipulated by wealth. Money buys campaign promises and lobbies that institute legislative acts for industry. When votes and decisions are manipulated to represent the rights for the wealthiest, then the will of the people is suppressed to favor the elitist minority. Their advantage has to be reduced. They have to pay a larger share of taxes. As it is, they pay about 40% of the rate that is paid by the common taxpayer.

Meritocracy by education and experience has to be respected by leadership in hiring, promotion and benefit practices.

Industrial imperialism stands between us and the republic.

Zimmerman Acquitted

The Zimmerman acquittal is offensive to justice in the republic. He was acquitted because he was a gun owner with light skin. The gun industry paid for the verdict with their manipulation of public perception through media expression.

When the audio tapes are considered in relation to the chain of evidence a picture is clarified for judgment.

The requests for help turned into the screams of fear. The screams came from the one who saw the gun. Would Zimmerman have been screaming with fear as he pulled the gun? If Trayvon were on top doing a “ground pound” would he have even seen a gun being pulled from a waist holster? Would he have been screaming if he could have shifted from punching to struggling to take the gun?

The claim to self-defense was disproved by the inconsistencies in Zimmerman’s account. The Defense claimed that the inconsistencies disproved testimony for the second degree murder charge. It was a typical con job.

Contrary to what O’Mara declared, Trayvon would have been charged with murder even if he had killed Zimmerman in self-defense.

The acquittal was racist. Discrimination is an offense to the people of the republic.

Zimmerman and those who acquitted him will have to stand the trial of conscience in the court of social justice.

Guns will not provide protection against remorse for murder and the miscarriage of justice.

The spirit of Trayvon Martin lives on in the clarion call for improvement in the republic.

David Guetta – Titanium
You shoot me down,
but I won’t fall.
I am titanium.

Ideas are bulletproof.
Live for a better way of life.
Your life will transcend
the length of time that you live.

Steve K.  

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