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Good Fortune

Independence had been declared. The Revolutionary War had been fought. It had ended with the treaty of Paris in 1783. The colonies had become states in a new nation governed by the articles of confederation.  The colonists had become citizens in the confederation. There was an interest in westward expansion.
The Continental Congress required a plan for expansion.  Jefferson proposed the plan for Land Ordinance in 1784. It was passed in 1785. It incorporated the use of a coordinate system on a map to divide land.  The Congress was willing to show that they had learned something about government during the conflict with Great Britain.
Land was to be purchased from the native Americans (Indians). It was to be surveyed for division into townships of six square miles (640 acres). The township was to be divided into 36 sections.  The sections were for private ownership, usually homesteading, except for one section. This section was to be reserved for a public school. The one room school house that was to become a cultural icon in American history showed that the funding for school was paid for by the town.
The Land Ordinance of 1785 was lacking some important considerations. How was the territory acquired in the westward expansion to be incorporated into the new nation? These concerns were addressed in the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. The territory could establish a legislature when there were 5000 free men in the area. A territory could apply to Congress to become a state when the population reached 60,000. The citizens of the new states were to have the same rights as other states.   
Slavery was prohibited. The Ohio valley was the Northwest for the time. This plan established a “lever” by which slavery could be removed from the nation. Virginia had the largest population of people in the thirteen states, but more than 40% were enslaved.  The Northwest Ordinance was an extension of Jefferson’s Land Ordinance.
The Constitution was written as a collaborative product with the direction of James Madison. He had studied all that he could about political organization in order to lead the process of documenting the plan for government in the United States of America.
Jefferson and Madison were from Virginia.  The plan for constitutional democracy was crafted by those who abstracted the goodness that was developed in opposition to an oppressive system. They didn’t abstract it to a place outside of reality. They abstracted it for the formation of a perfect union. This was the vision for something in which people could believe.  There was to be no slavery, a school for every town and a say in the way things were to be governed.

Good Fortune
From Psalm 126
We were like those who dream
when our fortune was restored.
Laughter filled the air
with shouts of joy.
They said, “Great things
have been done for them.”
Great things had been done for us.
We were glad for our good fortune.
Restore our wealth, LORD.
It will be like an oasis in the desert.
Disappointment for each mirage
will fade into the forgotten.
Those who sowed tears
will reap songs of joy.
Those who were weeping without compensation,
will be rewarded with happiness; celebrating prosperity.

The corruption of capitalism for the industry of war has diminished the wealth of our nation.
The implementation of this vision has suffered setbacks whenever funding has been diverted to war for the development of private industries. The US will be paying for the “invasion level events” (wars of aggression) for a long time to come.  The economy and public services suffer as a result. Education is a public service that is suffering from the hit. 
 Companies have reported record profits during this imposition of their will to acquire capital with the industry for war. Are we supposed to be happy that they attained their goals at the expense of the public?
The war on terror has been the biggest con job in the history of the nation. It started with a false flag operation; instituted two invasion level events and continues to seek funding from the public for targeted killing and indefinite detention (human rights violations).
What had started out as an exercise in local funding (one room school houses) has become a major regulator for the integrity of the nation. When education is sacrificed for corporate profit, constitutional democracy is made into a front for dictatorship.
Many of the states where funding has been cut have had the government taken over by Daley like political machinery. The political machinery in Florida has been reinforced by the electronic voting machines that don’t leave a paper trail for a recount.  A supermajority did not exist until this technique had been employed.
The supermajority in Florida instituted Citizen’s Property Insurance. It is a state run monopoly that doesn’t pay taxes. It currently has a surplus of over 61.2 billion dollars (even after Debby) and approval for another rate increase by the supermajority reduced to a majority.
Now there is another scandal associated with internet gambling.  We are not only having our money taken to pay for wars of aggression, targeted killing and indefinite detention. We are not only having to pay for the “Citizens Property Insurance” surplus when we pay for food at the supermarket or services elsewhere. It seems that those who have turned to gambling to seek some kind of compensation have been robbed with sanction by state leadership as well.

Lt. Gvr. Resigns
The effects could depend on how involved Carroll was in dealings with Allied Veterans of the World, the alleged Internet cafe gambling, money-laundering and racketeering ring, said veteran Florida GOP political strategist David Johnson.
The Republican party has driven the Democratic party into a subsistence state of existence; bringing us to a condition that is comparable to the error in the “Era of Good Feelings.” The Republicans have demonstrated that they believe that partisan disputes are extinguished with the rule of a single party…theirs.  Now the competition for leadership of the single party is predictably starting to show the factional division that awards leadership to the “top dog.”
Reality shows overstate the importance of competition at any level of society by making it about support for the individual who is willing to do whatever it takes to win. Survival is used to promote a survivalist ethic that limits societal value to plugging emotional support and work effort into the individual deemed most likely to succeed. This hyper-aggressive competitive mindset is promoted through the media to put those affected by the viewing audience into a confederation state of mind.
The confederation of states was a regression to the confederation of tribes during the period of the judges.  Chaos ruled the tribes. The tribes were fighting for survival as a separate nation until a judge rose up to lead the people out of oppression.
We are no longer allowed to see ourselves as part of the union in the “reality” of reality shows. We are factionalized under the presumption of a single party and forced to compete for prizes that don’t compensate for the social integrity that is lost in the competition.
Restore our wealth.
It will be like an oasis in the desert.
Those who sowed tears
will reap songs of joy.
Steve K.

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