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Cruelty was the norm in punishment when the story about the prodigal son was created. Cruelty was presented as a deterrent to criminal behavior, but people could be convicted of crime without being guilty.  Death was the norm in the code of Hammurabi, the legal document that served as a model for imperial government. 
Greeks and Romans could argue that they were better emperors than the Persians because they did not destroy their enemies. Byzantines could argue that they were better than the Romans because they did not persecute non-christians by throwing them to wild beasts in the coliseum or by killing convicts from the conquered on the cross. Nevertheless, the death penalty could be applied to non-elitists by the elitists.
The English bill of rights (1689) did not outlaw slavery. It did not propose freedom of religion. It specified the right to bear arms for Protestants.  The right to vote; to a criminal trial in a court of law before a jury of peers; and to not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment were limited to those who subscribed to the imperial religion.
Civil and human rights came to be regarded as uniquely limited to those who agreed to worship “God” with the monarch. This concession also amounted to agreement to absolute power. The monarch could declare war based on his or her assessment of what amounted to a suitable war in the contest for the wealth of nations. The monarch could have people put to death when it suited the authority of elitism in the competition.
The "elite" did not admit to error in leadership according to elitism.  Guilt was found in those who were not judged to be part of the elite-ness of the One. Cruelty was regarded as a necessary foil to the act of remembering to show compassion for the poor, the embodiments of economic weakness.  The story of the prodigal son shows that non-elitists favored prodigal behavior as a way to see that human nature suffers from error; as the antecedent to forgiving prodigality in others.
from Psalm 32
Happy are those who are forgiven;
whose will to harm has been left behind.
Joyful are those who are not found guilty
because there was no offense;
whose spirit has no guile.
My bones withered when I was consumed with fear.
My groaning lasted throughout the trial
to test the charge in the accusation.
My ancestry was tested.
The moisture of my soul
dried up as in the heat of summer.
I acknowledged my flaws
to refute the claim to absolute power.
I did not seek the will to power
over others with cruel punishment.
I said, “I will confess limitation
to convert my weakness into strength.”
I was forgiven for the guilt of sin.
The faithful pray in times of trouble
and thanksgiving. They are not overcome
with consumption due to feelings of guilt.
You are my hiding place LORD.
You will preserve me from troubles in trial.
You will surround me with shouts of deliverance.
“I will instruct you in the way that you should go.
I will guide you with the light of insight.
“Do not be like the ignorant beast
that does not seek to increase understanding.

“Admit to ignorance when the confession is due
and you will not be subjected to continuous correction.”
Those who order or perform evil acts
deserve greater punishment
than the justice in human government
can provide.
Mercy embraces those who have faith.
Be glad, you faithful! Rejoice in the LORD!
Shout for joy, all who are true of heart!”
The western world has been showing those outside the NATO alliance that it does not respect civil or human rights for those who don’t support elitism in the capitalist enterprise for the industry of war. The Islamic world has little reason to respect the western contention that government should respect civil and human rights. The coalition has shown disrespect for the independence of foreign nations with two invasions, drone warfare, torture, cruelty in punishment and laxity in correction. Disrespect has been shown for the rights of non-elitists.
It is one thing to be among the elite by training and performance in service to others. It is another to be elite because things were set up for your advantage. The elitist advantage as instituted by Congress does not require effort for excellence. It reinforces the claim to absolute power over others. Excellence in performance has effort justification as a self-perpetuating benefit for society. Elitism by decree makes work seem like a joke.
Perfection in being requires improvement as needed. It is not holiness in being freed from responsibility.
The act of prayer is an acknowledgement that needed improvements require help for achievement. Prayer is like a note to God. The following song celebrates the ability to acknowledge the need for help in achieving improvement that is needed.
Charice – Note to God
I’d say give us the strength to make it through.
Help us find love ‘cause love is overdue.
It seems like so much is going wrong
on this road we’re on.
I am what I am for who I am, but I respect others as respect for law in order to govern action for civil rights.
We are what we are for who we are, but we need to respect others as respect for the rule of law in order to extend alliance for human rights.
Steve K.

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