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Allison Mack:
"Legends of Tomorrow"

Rise to Shine
Kagayaku yō ni tachiagaru

Rise to shine.
See what you can find.

Let your light show.
Show it wherever you go.

Let the fear of love be scattered.
Let the love of hate be shattered.

Let those who hate you learn to earn your respect.
Punish only to correct.

Let their anger be dispersed as smoke is driven away.
The smoke will be blown until they learn from dismay.

The impulse to destroy will drop away as wax melts before the flame.
Drop the drips until the plate is waxed from blame.

Let morality be kind.
Justice must remain blind
to status to fight crime.

Let those who are moral exult in goodness.
Passion for excellence drives us toward what we should get.

Let us be jubilant with the joy of charity.
Charity clears the mind for clarity.

Sing with confidence.
The notes reward brilliance with resilience.

Dance with presence.
Movement reveals your essence.

Lift your heart to the light on high.
Spirit rides on the clouds driven by the wind's might.

Let your mind rejoice with a voice for exultation.
Jubilation is the essential sensation for celebration.

Your sight will ring with delight.
Delight transcends the compulsion to take flight or fight.

Love is the motive for providence.
It is the mark of eternal hardiness.

Be the provider for orphans; the protector of widows.
Don't kill for the thrill of saving the homeless from skid row.

Kindness is our natural habitation.
It builds strength in social relations.

The homeless will be given shelter
from the helter skelter and the swelter.

Political prisoners will be released.
Indefinite detention must cease.

Prosperity will share abundance with charity.
Too much success is not good for personal clarity.

Those who live for cruelty or violence will stand corrected
until they have detected the disparity caused by fiscal neglect.

When light shined for your people
we left the church steeple.
We marched for freedom along the highway
until justice saw the light of day.

The earth quaked.
The buildings shaked.

The heavens poured down rain.
We were released from our pain.
The precious incense of your presence
was felt with each step towards your essence.

The moonlit night was fit for the feeling that this was right
for the seat of light in judgment against blight.

You rained in abundance.
Thunder was your utterance.

The shower resounded with power that reached abroad.
The hour told our power to deliver us from fraud.

Lightning cracked. Thunder rumbled.
Our wet clothes were humbled.

You restored our heritage when it languished.
They had told us we were lucky we hadn't been banished.

Your assembly found a dwelling in peace.
The goodness tasted so sweet.

Providence reached out. It knocked on the door
for the rich, middle and poor.

Shine bright you nations of the earth.
The world will see your worth.

Sing with nobility for independence and security.
Test for the best with practical maturity.

Live with local and international exchange.
Prepare for the strange range of the stage at your age.

Live with the power that comes from the strength of character.
The force will be with you for sure.

Your life is blessed with love.
Your heart has the wings of a dove.

Love will live within you.
Truth will be true.

Let your light shine.
It will be yours and mine.

68 Exsurgat Deus

1 Let God arise, and let his enemies be scattered; *
let those who hate him flee before him.

2 Let them vanish like smoke when the wind drives it away; *
as the wax melts at the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.

3 But let the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; *
let them also be merry and joyful.

4 Sing to God, sing praises to his Name;
exalt him who rides upon the heavens; *

Yahweh is his Name, rejoice before him!

5 Father of orphans, defender of widows, *
God in his holy habitation!

6 God gives the solitary a home and brings forth prisoners into freedom; *
but the rebels shall live in dry places.

7 O God, when you went forth before your people, *
when you marched through the wilderness,

8 The earth shook, and the skies poured down rain,
at the presence of God, the God of Sinai, *

at the presence of God, the God of Israel.

9 You sent a gracious rain, O God, upon your inheritance; *
you refreshed the land when it was weary.

10 Your people found their home in it; *
in your goodness, O God, you have made provision for the poor.

11 The Lord gave the word; *
great was the company of women who bore the tidings:

12 "Kings with their armies are fleeing away; *
the women at home are dividing the spoils."

13 Though you lingered among the sheepfolds, *
you shall be like a dove whose wings are covered with silver,

whose feathers are like green gold.

14 When the Almighty scattered kings, *
it was like snow falling in Zalmon.

15 O mighty mountain, O hill of Bashan! *
O rugged mountain, O hill of Bashan!

16 Why do you look with envy, O rugged mountain,
at the hill which God chose for his resting place? *

truly, the Lord will dwell there for ever.

17 The chariots of God are twenty thousand,
even thousands of thousands; *

the Lord comes in holiness from Sinai.

18 You have gone up on high and led captivity captive;
you have received gifts even from your enemies, *

that the Lord God might dwell among them.

19 Blessed be the Lord day by day, *
the God of our salvation, who bears our burdens.

20 He is our God, the God of our salvation; *
God is the Lord, by whom we escape death.

21 God shall crush the heads of his enemies, *
and the hairy scalp of those who go on still in their wickedness.

22 The Lord has said, "I will bring them back from Bashan; *
I will bring them back from the depths of the sea;

23 That your foot may be dipped in blood, *
the tongues of your dogs in the blood of your enemies."

24 They see your procession, O God, *
your procession into the sanctuary, my God and my King.

25 The singers go before, musicians follow after, *
in the midst of maidens playing upon the hand-drums.

26 Bless God in the congregation; *
bless the Lord, you that are of the fountain of Israel.

27 There is Benjamin, least of the tribes, at the head;
the princes of Judah in a company; *

and the princes of Zebulon and Naphtali.

28 Send forth your strength, O God; *
establish, O God, what you have wrought for us.

29 Kings shall bring gifts to you, *
for your temple's sake at Jerusalem.

30 Rebuke the wild beast of the reeds, *
and the peoples, a herd of wild bulls with its calves.

31 Trample down those who lust after silver; *
scatter the peoples that delight in war.

32 Let tribute be brought out of Egypt; *
let Ethiopia stretch out her hands to God.

33 Sing to God, O kingdoms of the earth; *
sing praises to the Lord.

34 He rides in the heavens, the ancient heavens; *
he sends forth his voice, his mighty voice.

35 Ascribe power to God; *
his majesty is over Israel;

his strength is in the skies.

36 How wonderful is God in his holy places! *
the God of Israel giving strength and power to his people!

Blessed be God!

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