Sunday, September 11, 2016


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Hakai o kyohi

If we are totally depraved
there is no hope for redemption.

The experience of existence forms an idea of being.

Being exists as more than the idea of it.
The experience of existence exists 
as more than an idea.

Greatness is not defined
by causing destruction
by cruelty or violence. 

It is not defined by deception
or the accumulation of capital
irrespective of the law.  

It is better to oppose war and the death penalty,
than to believe in the 'right' to destroy people
or property as though there were divine approval for it. 

Have those who eat people like bread no knowledge?

Do they not see that giving condemnation "teeth"
makes them cannibals?

Opposition cannot be destroyed by killing people. 
Opposition to killing is reinforced. 

Is war to be preferred to peace? 

Is any religion to be defined 
by war, violence or cruelty?

My judgment will reject the condemnation
of people. I reject the destruction of people or property. 
I will keep that responsibility which is mine.

Each person has liberty in the law,
not freedom from responsibility.

All people have entitlement 

to protection against exploitation.
Everyone is responsible 
for respect.

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