Saturday, November 7, 2015


Danica McKellar

Imi o kōchiku 

Unless the house is built in line
with design in time, labor is wasted.

Unless security is provided for the skelter
of shelters in the city, individual vigil
is wasted for those who keep it.

Each day shines for life. Rising is birth.
Work is youth. Twilight is retirement;
sleep, a dark rest from consciousness.

Youth is a gift that improves views
about the news and what we choose.

Marriage requires knowledge of self
in another guise for the wise. Where
was I when I would have said or
will I be there later instead?

Happy are those who use logic
for reason. Statements are the focus
for meaning in conversation. Character
is a component in communication,
but personal attack does not produce
a test for the statements.

Only a hypothesis that is subjected
to experiment by the scientific method
can be considered a product of
experimental science.

Whoever uses reason will not lack
for something to test even when
confrontation seeks to close down
the consideration of production.

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