Sunday, February 15, 2015


from Ps.50
Discover design.
Make room for the Boom!

The earth has been called
to show the sight of light 
by the axis of rotation
for the revolution of life
in the orbit of our evolution 
around the sun.

The voice of love will not keep silence.
A line is shown at the base of darkness.
Color spreads through the sky.

The corona of brilliance
appears before the sphere 
rises in sight to light 
the substance of air,
liquid and matter
for the day.

Glory is revealed
in the perfection of beauty.

Energy burns itself with gravity
holding the planets in orbit
as the system moves away
from the point of origin.


The life of light is a raging storm.
Color calls for the arrangement 
of atmosphere. Earth has become
the stage for the next act in the drama 
of life.

The judgement of goodness
guides people in action.
The design of mind will find time
for the sublime in perception.

Let the heavens declare delight
in the discovery of cause. Cause
creates change. Change deigns 
to reign within the range of variation.
We have the variability of substance 
within the arrangement of matter.

The seat for judgment will witness
that liberty exists within law.
The law is  not for the destruction
of opposition. It is for the correction
of obsession; the possession of those
who 'exist' for oppression; who reject
virtue for violence; throw away proportion
for distortion; dispose of fairness for cruelty
or discard amendment for the state of severity.

The beasts in the forest, the birds in the trees
and the herds on the hills are free to move together. 
They work for existence  according to the design for life.
Does God eat the flesh of bulls or drink the blood of goats?
Only by drinking in the sight of life with delight. ;-)

The light of life celebrates goodness with joy.
Salvation sings with the clarity of thanksgiving.

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