Friday, September 26, 2014


Straw Man Seeks to Make an Impact!

The Cokes make the bomb.
The Spooks choose the fuse.
Obomba lights it in public for the world.

O:"The Imams and Mullahs are coming!
They want us to worship ISIS.
Isis must be destroyed."

Obomba promotes genocide over invasion.
Rethuglicans call O weak and push for invasion.
The oligarchy plans to profit from sales of oil and weapons.
People are charged for the bill with taxes.

If I Only Had a Soul

AKBingo Engages in Weirdface Battle.
The UN says "No!" to O.
The world is saved for love.

Sir Gay becomes the knight who won't fight for war.

Sir Gay, at your service, my liege.


O, I've found the site of my future life beyond the yellow brick road.

The Beginning. :) <3 (y)

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