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Jesus had just read a scripture that proclaimed good news for the poor, release for captives, recovery of sight for the blind and liberation from oppression. He had stated that the scripture had been fulfilled. This had been said during the reign of Herod in the Roman occupation.

He said to them, "Doubtless you will quote to me this proverb, 'Doctor, cure yourself!' And you will say, 'Do here also in your hometown the things that we have heard you did at Capernaum.'"


Consider the importance of inflection in speech. When the statement "Doctor, cure youself" is made with an emphasis on the word self, it implies the connotation that correction should always be addressed to one's individual self. Complaint about social structure imposed by political organization will not be tolerated.

When the law of the political organization is aimed at oppressing people with the use of torture and the death penalty, it affects social relations. Some people will claim leadership based on the will to direct others to eliminate complaint as though it were dissidence; as a necessary prelude to violent rebellion. Insofar as the elimination of the person making the complaint eliminates his or her capacity to complain, the "leader" feels justified in torturing or killing the person who would dare to make a complaint.

Complaint is natural to human being. The will to eliminate it in others in order to reserve the right for one's individual self is tyrannical. Nevertheless, there are those who will kill to get what it is wanted. They would have us go to war again to increase power by increasing capital.

The gospel story goes on to relate details of how Jesus was led to the top of a precipice outside of Nazareth "that they might hurl him off the cliff." The picture of the precipice outside of Nazareth is posted in this blog. Would you hurl Jesus off a cliff because he proclaimed good news for the poor? See to it that you don't.
Jer.1, 1 Corinth 13, Psalm 71

You were known
before you were formed
in the womb.
You were appointed
as a prophet to the nations
before you were born.

You are consecrated to speak to nations;
to call for tearing down the dilapidated;
to change that which is wrong;
to represent justice;
to walk with humility;
to talk about love
for liberty in the law;
to build and to plan.

You will be a noisy gong
or a clanging cymbal
even if you speak
with the tongue of an angel,
when you do not have love.
You will accomplish nothing
even if you move mountains
with faith, when you do not have love.

If you do not have love
you will gain nothing
even if you give away
all your possessions
and hand your body
over to asceticism
to show your spirituality.
Love is patient, kind and strong.
It is not envious, boastful, arrogant or rude.
It is not irritable or resentful.
It does not rejoice in wrongdoing.
It rejoices in the truth.
It bears that which needs forbearance;
believes in that which is believable;
endures that which requires endurance.

Love never ends.
War will cease.
Violence will stop.
Poverty will desist.
Crime will discontinue.
Oppression will not exist,
but love will endure.
We see in part;
we know knowledge will change;
we plan to promote improvement;
but when completeness comes,
discriminatory measures will be seen as partiality
and fullness in respect will be expressed.

When I was young,
I was prone to immaturity.
I allowed ignorance to stop inquiry.
I reasoned for my wants as opposed
to the needs of family in community.
When I matured
I resolved to stop promoting immaturity.
Truth is often seen as though we were looking at a mirror
in a darkened room. We will see the face of others
in our reflection in the light.
We will be more than the
reflection in the mirror.

Insofar as I know that ignorance
is a call to increase knowledge,
I will know things more fully
even as I have been known.
Faith, hope and love endure;
but the greatest of these is love.
Love is a refuge
in which we will not be put to shame.
We will be delivered and set free
in the righteousness of justice.

We will find protection
in the strength of construction
that prevents destruction.
Love has been our strength
from before conception
in the womb.

 Read between the lies when propaganda is presented as truth.
Debate over regulation for a state run monopoly in a majority run state government that followed a decade of supermajority domination is limited to how much exploitation should be maximized.
Legislators could save themselves and Floridians a lot of time and trouble by taking one basic step: Require small, private insurers to meet financial standards that would make them at least as reliable as Citizens.
There has been a refusal to investigate the destruction of the World Trade Center towers as a criminal act, but they still want to prevent the election of the person who released information to oppose the heinous acts of war. The industry for war has bought control of a number of western governments.
The tax break for the wealthiest citizens has to be decreased to stop the promotion of war as a means to increase capital for leaders in the industry for war.
Iceland refused to cooperate with an FBI investigation into WikiLeaks two years ago. The Icelandic Interior Minister said he ordered police to cease contact with the FBI, and made it clear their presence was not “well-seen” in Iceland.

Minister Jonasson revealed the story to AP on Friday, two days after WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announced he would run for senator in the Australian elections in September.
Pitbull – Back in Time

“Give credit where credit is due.
Know that I don’t give a number two
to all the halfway thoughts
not worth the back of my mind
but to understand the future
we have to go back in time.”

Build prosperity for posterity
by going back in time to rule out what
was not good. Plan for the future
with respect for liberty in the law.
Make constructions that will defy destruction.
Promote civility in government to improve
social relations.
Steve K.

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