Sunday, January 6, 2013


Epiphany 2013


‘Jesus’ Means ‘God Saves’
The baby was named Jesus when he was circumcised on the eighth day; the name given to him by the angel before conception.
Prevent Infection, Transmit Herpes?
“Most circumcisions in New York probably do not involve metzitzah b'peh. Still, the city's Health Department says it has linked the practice to nearly a dozen recent cases of the herpes virus in young boys.”
Knowledge in medicine has advanced. Rituals based on ancient practice developed in relation to the knowledge of the time require modification. 
How do you define prosperity?

Isaiah referred to the standards for his time and location.

Camels will cover the land. The pride of Midian and Ephah will show. The wealth of Sheba will bring gold and incense; proclaiming praise for the Creator.
How is this for a modern statement for prosperity with pride? "The nation will help make repairs for areas damaged by natural disaster!"
The state will help provide for the basic needs of the poor, the young and the elderly!
The following re-write expresses gratitude with faith for prosperity with historical perspective. Freedom of religion is honored as a given.
from Isa.60, Psalm 72, Matt.2, Eph.3
Rise. Shine. Your time has come.
The glory of the LORD has risen.
Darkness covered the earth;
thick darkness the people
but glory has risen.
It will rise to shine over you.
Nations have been drawn to this dawn;
leaders to the brightness of the light.
Lift up your eyes and look.
They gather together.
They come to you.
Infant sons crawl from a distance.
Baby daughters are cradled
by nurse maids.
You will see radiance
and be radiant;
your heart will rejoice.
Joy will shine
with the prosperity
of providence.
The abundance of the sea
will be used responsibly.
The wealth of nations
will be balanced with a budget.
The nation will make repairs
for natural disaster.
The state will care
for the poor, the young,
the elderly and disabled.
Wealth will be shared.
Praise for providence
will be proclaimed.
A child has been born to lead.
You, the house of bread in the land of praise with promise,
have produced a leader to lead people through conflict.
Give leadership your justice, God;
Your prosperity for posterity.
The rule of law will guide leadership.
The poor will receive sufficient provision
for competition.  Protection will be provided
without extortion. Self-defense will be honored
as a human as well as a civil right.
The oppressed will be rescued; the oppressor
will be corrected. Those convicted on criminal charges
in accordance with the due process for law
will be detained for rehabilitation.

Lawmakers will have to look at causes for crime.
Did a deficit in provision by law create desperation
that induced criminal behavior?
Providence has existed as long as the sun,
the moon, the stars and planets that light the night
like diamonds in the sky.
Grace will come down like rain on sown fields;
like showers that water the thirsty earth.
This is the reason that we have suffered economic distress.
The commission that was given to remember the poor
was given to us for others. The goodness of the great society
has been shown. It is known through experience
for the benefit of the world.
National identity was not used to violate
human rights in other nations.
The plan had been shrouded in mystery for ages.
The cult of death used violence for destruction
and oppression. Their shroud
obscured the view of justice.
Provisions for justice have been made known
in rich variety through the community of faith.
Those who have not experienced the promise
of the plan will come to share the benefits
through the good news of salvation
in Christ.
There is fear that responsible gun ownership is not possible. Any time that someone lacking mental stability goes on a rampage and kills many people, the fear is warranted.
Responsible gun ownership can be taught. Not only can it be taught. It has to be taught. It is not something that is completely natural. Self-defense is natural, yet it requires training for development. Guns are manufactured.

Regulation is necessary to provide education in responsible gun-ownership. Schools that provide training would have to train gun owners to be responsible citizens first, gun owners next.
Otherwise, situations like that in Florida would become common. Any gun owner with a conflict that results in a death is using the argument for self defense to justify the claim to justifiable homicide. The SYG law is generating instability in the social situation for the state.
War is not the wealth of nations. The promotion of providence with provisions for commerce is the basis for a capitalist economy in a democratic society.
The acquisition of capital is limited by responsible leadership in a market regulated by competition with fair business practices. The unfair advantage for the wealthiest people in society has only been decreased by a small increment.
The debt was caused by the Congressional authorization of two wars after a major tax cut during a Republican majority . The call for spending cuts to entitlements in social security is simply a promotion of the unfair advantage. It destabilizes international security for the industry of war.
Income is used to pay for basic needs for most people. The wealthiest among us use income and assets to attain wants at the expense of the needs for others. Unpaid workers and companions are a significant part of our economy.
Shine bright like a diamond to make the economy work.
We are beautiful like diamonds in the sky.
Steve K.


  1. Encouraging. Would like to hear how this ties into the melinium and Isaiah prophecy. 1000 year Reign of Christ as king of the earth. Shall the saints live by faith and not fear tribulation, diging a bunker hole and stock pile goods. ?
    i say no...

  2. Wish my old church leaders could read this and shrug off pride to rejoice.
    Many were Y2K preps and greatly let down. Now they are closed off to any who aposed them. Very sad.
    A root of bitterness defiled many do to pride.
    Some churchs split and disbanned. Some filled right up and no one noticed those who left in confusion.
    Now there aim is just surviveing and shun away any who aposed.
    Is apostacy that common? Is this the sin of pride? Playing church?
    Rick in mpls mn