Sunday, January 20, 2013


Congratulations to President Obama and Vice-President Biden for re-election!

Obama’s economic reform will change the nation. Call it Obama-rama! It is for the people!
Biden’s been fighting with good faith for the right to ride in a horse that is not a runaway. Woah, horse!  We’ve been growing hoarse trying to stop “global war on terror” with the terror of war! Now we have to stop the drones!

The following song celebrates goodness for all who support it.
for Goodness in Life
fm. 1 Corinthians 12, Psalm 36, John 2

There are a variety of gifts
from the same Spirit;
a variety of services
from the same LORD;
a variety of activities
from the same God.
The manifestation
for the common good
is given to each.
When each reaches out for each
community can teach.

Your love reaches to the heavens.
Your faith extends so high.
Your strength is like the mountains.
Your grace falls softly like a sigh.
Your justice runs in rivers;
it flows down to the deep.
Salvation saves the duty
for both the beauty and the beast.
Your pride is priceless.
Your protection is profound.
Your providence is evident
for common ground for all,
all around.

People take refuge under the shadow
of your wings.
We drink from the river
of your delights.

The well of life is with you.
Life is light with your sight.
Fill your glass with water.
Fill each up to the brim.
Drink for goodness in your life.
Drink deep and you will win.

Lights will guide you home
and ignite your bones.
I will try to fix you.

Coldplay – Fix You

Fill your glass with water.
Drink for goodness in your life.
Drink deep and you will win.
Steve K.

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