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Lea Seydoux:
"It's Only the End of the World"


Shifuku o tanoshimu

ps 65

This temple was not made with human hands.
It was not built on stone. It was closer to sand
but it is on land.

Build a promise like you build a house.
Don't forget your beginning sprouts
with the tests you tout.

Prayer is answered with each test
insofar as you seek to find the best.

Start each task with the end in mind
until the step is the tie that binds.

Courage for faith 
will pave 
the way 
to say:

Design will be conceived.
Goals will be achieved.
Stress will be relieved.
Reward will be believed.

Promises will be kept.
Support will not have left.
Meaning will be what was meant.

The ominous drama of office
will honor the keeping of promise
for the honorable prominence
of love's dominance.

Forgiveness will be shown.
The drone groan will not have blown
the bliss of his kiss.
The fixable will forge forgiveness
for that which is forgivable in this.

Happiness will happen.
Welcome will be in fashion.

Reliability will protect the hallowed halls
with the brightly painted walls
of faith with fidelity
as the melody
for the clarity
of charity.

We will be satisfied in this house of satisfaction
with attraction for the action of benefaction
as the plan for action that is not just abstraction
with respect for life with liberty and the justice
that will thrust us into august robustness
with justness as our substance.

Deliverance will deliver us from ignorance
as the construction for destruction and belief
in being lawyers with destroyers as employers.

Salvation is hope that reaches
by the farthest seas to the nearest beaches.

Mountains were established by the strength of land
being pressed by pressure from beyond and beneath the sands.

The roaring waves of outraged oceans
find solace in silent motions
after the purging surge of roaring rage
releases peace from the pain of the age.

Love for life quiets the tumult
from turbulent tides and the lightning bolt.
The morning and evening
shout for joy as gateways for retrieving
the goodness of peace that reaches
to the ultimate end that the endless awe of awesome teaches.

The power of the sun, wind, water and soil
make grain grow as part of the plan for the least amount of toil.
Irrigation teaches water to reach low
to each place that had not been known
by moisture or had not been shown
the blessing of growth.

Drainage drives deluge into ponds
for holding the drink for the palm's unfolding fronds.

Time is crowned by provision.
Trade, travel and labor's division
will overflow with wealth in a provident vision
of the economy's revision of monetary division.

The wilderness abounds with boundaries
established by pastures. forest trees,
rivers, lakes, seas, deserts and constructed levies.

Meadows are adorned with flocks.
Gates are secured with locks.

Valleys give growth to grain.
Pleasure is cultivated from pain.

Life sings for the joy of living.
This joy is strengthened with thanksgiving.

Liberty is limited by the law of love for life.
Redemption transforms adversity from strife.

Happy are those who are brought near your courts.
Security transcends the structure of the fort.

Kiss bliss.
Don't dismiss this.
It will help you to kiss
what the Swiss missed.

"Like you build a temple, like you build a statue, you build a vow"

Psalm 65
To the leader. A Psalm of David. A Song.
1 Praise is due to you,
   O God, in Zion;
and to you shall vows be performed,
2   O you who answer prayer!
To you all flesh shall come.
3 When deeds of iniquity overwhelm us,
   you forgive our transgressions.
4 Happy are those whom you choose and bring near
   to live in your courts.
We shall be satisfied with the goodness of your house,
   your holy temple.
5 By awesome deeds you answer us with deliverance,
   O God of our salvation;
you are the hope of all the ends of the earth
   and of the farthest seas.
6 By your* strength you established the mountains;
   you are girded with might.
7 You silence the roaring of the seas,
   the roaring of their waves,
   the tumult of the peoples.
8 Those who live at earth’s farthest bounds are awed by your signs;
you make the gateways of the morning and the evening shout for joy.

9 You visit the earth and water it,
   you greatly enrich it;
the river of God is full of water;
   you provide the people with grain,
   for so you have prepared it.
10 You water its furrows abundantly,
   settling its ridges,
softening it with showers,
   and blessing its growth.
11 You crown the year with your bounty;
   your wagon tracks overflow with richness.
12 The pastures of the wilderness overflow,
   the hills gird themselves with joy,
13 the meadows clothe themselves with flocks,
   the valleys deck themselves with grain,
   they shout and sing together for joy.

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