Saturday, July 25, 2015


Shailene Woodley as Tris Prior
Theo James as Four Eaten

Soshiki o fuyo
from Ps.14

If the greatest possible being
exists in the mind, then an even greater being
must be possible; one whom exists in the mind
and in reality.

Greatness in being does not lie in the destruction
of others.  Greatness is defined by regard for
rights. It is by respect for others that one earns esteem
for his or her own freedom.

Freedom is granted by the grace of the entire body
within the boundaries of law. Law protects
the body from physical harm. It does not recognize
a right to kill based on membership in a group.

Groups that organize to serve the body
without the expectation of making money
as profit, earn exemption from tax.

When money is made beyond endowment
the group is to be taxed accordingly.

See the great joy of those who lead
by their service to others. Their aim
is to relieve suffering for the afflicted.
Love is their refuge.

Let endowment be learned and earned
with respect for the right to life. Morality
is not defined by the benefit of a single group.
It is formed by the welfare for all.

14 Dixit insipiens

1 The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." *
All are corrupt and commit abominable acts;
there is none who does any good.

2 The Lord looks down from heaven upon us all, *
to see if there is any who is wise,
if there is one who seeks after God.

3 Every one has proved faithless;
all alike have turned bad; *
there is none who does good; no, not one.

4 Have they no knowledge, all those evildoers *
who eat up my people like bread
and do not call upon the Lord?

5 See how they tremble with fear, *
because God is in the company of the righteous.

6 Their aim is to confound the plans of the afflicted, *
but the Lord is their refuge.
7 Oh, that Israel's deliverance would come out of Zion! *
when the Lord restores the fortunes of his people,
Jacob will rejoice and Israel be glad.

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