Sunday, August 11, 2013

National Security


National security is not based on the establishment of a religion by the state. It is not based on the government’s endorsement of industries for war. It is based on balance with social welfare.

Happy is the nation whose God is the LORD!
happy the people he has chosen to be his own!

Isa. 1:16-18
Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean;
remove the evil of your doings from before my eyes;
cease to do evil, learn to do good; seek justice,
rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan,
plead for the widow.
Come now, let us argue it out,
says the LORD

National Security

Happy is the nation who cares for the poor.
Fortunate are those who correct aggression
in the accumulation of capital.
Just are those who stand against
crime of any kind; including high crime.

The sun shines down from heaven.
The LORD beholds all people.
The constancy of love expects
that we will see the light regarding justice
with respect for rights.

Salvation is survival with faith.
It is not the government’s job
to establish a religion for the people.
Endorsement of the industries for war
does not provide security
for the nation.

Salvation is not granted by the military
or the police force.
It is not earned by labor alone.

The eye of God is on those who have faith;
who show respect for the needs of others;
who are willing to contribute
to the alleviation of suffering.

Social security sets aside assistance
for those who suffer
from natural disaster, disability
and the inequity of the economy.

Spending on national security
has to be balanced by funding
for social welfare.

Otherwise, inequity is increased
by the aggression of
exploitative interests.

Our soul waits for the LORD;
our providence and our protection.
Our heart rejoices in providence;
the hope for our salvation.

Let the love of God be with us
for the welfare of all people.
We put our trust in justice
for security.


Spending on national security has been out of control since the false flag event on 9/11/01. It is like a high speed train that is running too fast in a rural area. It is not secure. It is bound to lose control. It will damage property and kill people; the basis for having security.

Remember what Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger did during the Reagan presidency. He ordered the largest peace time build-up of arms in US history. The stockpiling of arms is not an end in itself. It is a movement towards the urgency of usage. 

The Republican majority in both houses of Congress during the Bush administration was thirsting for the opportunity to put the stockpile into operation. The stockpiling was the beginning of the conversion of the republic to industrial empire.

Electronic surveillance is not a minor issue in comparison. While the stated objective is to deter terrorism, particularly with the use of nuclear weapons, the ascription of blame for the attack on the US and the destruction of the World Trade Center towers; the Professor al-Arian case in Florida; the Boston bombing and a number of other cases involving the provocation of anti-Muslim sentiment have shown that the industrial empire is aimed at the perpetual promotion of hostility for war.

 Surveillance conducted in relation to the terrorism databank is not aimed at finding and stopping terrorists in advance of the act of terror. How is it that the Colorado killer escaped detection? Why did the Sandy Hook massacre take place without warning?

The surveillance is aimed at rounding up the usual suspects. Muslims are the usual suspects at this time. The covert agencies want to produce a cover story for the next covert operation.  We are literally being attacked by agents from our own government. 

The purpose for the attacks is to increase or otherwise defend the high level of spending on “national security.”

There is also the issue of aggression in convicting suspects based on suspicion without probable cause. The same covert agencies could shift the onus of horror to us with flimsy claims regarding the evidence that an American citizen is guilty of preparing a terrorist attack.  Sure. The reasonable use of surveillance can find statements that indicate preparation for an attack, but the war of terror has not been a reasonable enterprise. Has it?
We have become the Israelites to whom Isaiah proclaimed the need for washing. We have become the Ninehvites to whom Jonah proclaimed the need for repentance.  

 Citizens United, the Patriot Act and the NDAA have created a “legal” environment for aggression with weapons. The problem is that the laws are not legal according to the Constitution with the bill of rights.

Neo-cons are like arch-cons with a new way to promote the same strategy. Gliberals have the same agenda with a different party. The “agenda” is to control people with the fear of attack. National security has been used as the banner to achieve control not only over foreign interests, but domestic. It is becoming a runaway train.

Soul Asylum – Runaway Train
Runaway train never comin’ back.
Runaway train tearin’ up the track.
Runaway train burnin’ in my veins.
A runaway but it always seems the same.

We have to oppose increased spending on national security for our security and the peace of the world. World peace is dependent upon our advocacy for social security as both a basic need and a counter to the obsession with spending on national security.

The budget has to be balanced for world peace. We need a public sector of employment to counter demands from the private sector.

Steve K.

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