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Advent 2.12

Constitutional monarchy documented rights that were to be recognized by the government (English Bill of Rights, 1689). It improved the potential for representation, but it did not eliminate tyranny. If it had, the colonies would not have made the Declaration of Independence (1776).

Constitutional democracy eliminated the institution of a royal family; added freedom of religion and documented other rights (US Constitution, 1789; Bill of Rights, 1791)

When Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark out to map a route to the Pacific Ocean (1803), he sent supplies and instructions to establish trade relations with Native Americans. This set a civic precedent for future relations.
Those Americans who respected human rights did well with the natives (and visa versa). It was when military force was used to take territory for natural resources that treaties were violated. The inclusive promise of constitutional democracy was cast aside for war or genocide.

John the Baptist did not preach the rejection of civil government. He preached civility in direct contrast to his insulting rhetoric (“You brood of vipers!”). Freedom of religion is to be valued as a civil liberty.

A state that establishes an official religion as the choice for the people does not show respect for representation. A religion that seeks to dictate policy to the people with the state as its enforcer does not respect freedom or the God that made it part of natural law.
Natural law is not aimed at our destruction. It is designed for our liberty and happiness. The destructive aspect of the elements call us to work together to build better constructs and a better society.

Charity was shared after destruction. Honor will be shown for rebuilding society.

Haiti Re-builds
"President Michel Martelly sought to encourage potential investors that Haiti was making progress in building homes for residents displaced by the catastrophic 2010 earthquake. He also said the country is increasing educational opportunities for children, updating infrastructure and creating jobs."
Sandy Relief Concert 12-12-12

Rejoice with all your heart, New York City! Relief is being raised!
The world has ended. Celebrate the brand new world! \/ ('^-^*) <3

The disabled will be enabled. The outcast will be accepted. Shame will be turned into praise.

Assad is Slipping
""The regime and the government in Syria are losing more and more control and more and more territory," Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bodganov told a Russian government committee. "Unfortunately, we cannot rule out the victory of the Syrian opposition.""


Surely, it will be God who saves us. The Lord is our strength and our song. We will break the bread of providence. We will draw water from the springs of salvation with rejoicing.


Syrian Refugees Suffer

"Home is now a leaking plastic tent on the Syrian side of the Turkish border. "We don't have bread. Fuel is very expensive. There is no electricity, no water," Mohammad said."

The Syrian constitution actually contains a provision for the term limit of the president. It hasn't been observed. Assad succeeded his father. He has been in power for more than ten years.

The constitution also contains a provision for freedom of religion; making the plan for government better than the implementation of it.

It looks likely that a Sunni coalition or faction will take over once Assad leaves. The takeover will most likely resemble the situation in Egypt. The problem will shift from the tyranny of a minority to that of the majority if they don't improve the plan for the representation of minority populations.

Freedom from religion has proven to be an unwritten part of civil rights. When religion is "chosen" by coercion, it is not chosen freely. Statistically, freedom of religion supports a majority who choose to worship God in a community that has made the same choice.

It is time to start celebrating the impending restoration!
Fm Zephaniah 3 & Isaiah 12

The world has ended.
Long live the new world!
Sing well, sweet daughter;
Compete with honor, strong son!
Surely it is God who saves.

The rule of law is our stronghold; a sure defense.
Rejoice with your heart, dear people.
The judgment against you has been turned away.
The leader of love, the LORD, is in your midst;
you will repair the damage that was done.

We will draw water with rejoicing
from the spring of salvation.
We will break bread made
from the grain of providence.
It will be said to the afflicted on that day:
Do not fear strife for life, dear citizens;
do not let your hands lay idle.
The LORD, your God, is in your midst;
a Champion who leads us to victory.

We will rejoice with gladness.
We will be renewed in love.
We will exult with loud singing
to celebrate deliverance.
Damage from disaster will be removed
by our labor. Damage from the storm
will not keep us from progress.
Repairs will be made.

Oppressors will be corrected.
The disabled will be enabled.
The disadvantaged will gain advantage.
Shame will be changed to praise
as an example for all the earth.

Your home will be restored for shelter.
Work will be made available for compensation.
People will sing praises for your accomplishments.
Your fortunes will be restored,
says the LORD.
You will sing praises in thanksgiving.


Bear fruit worthy of repentance.

Fiscal Cliff
"The cliff negotiations between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner have taken on the aspect of a game of chicken. Boehner needs spending cuts; Obama needs revenue. America needs both."

Cut military spending. Leave people programs alone. Enough damage has been done.
The concern about the rocket launch in N. Korea is overstated. The US has had enough sensationalist alarmism to have raised military spending by three times since 1997.

N. Korea Launches Rocket
North Korea officials say the rocket is meant to send a satellite into orbit to study crops and weather patterns, and Pyongyang maintains its right to develop a civilian space program.

Putin is promoting overcorrection with his isolationism, but he is right to contrast the "free market" economy with "capitalism."
Putin’s Address
Russia needs to develop a free market economy based on industry and middle size business as the growth potential of a resource based economy is exhausted, President Vladimir Putin said.


Citizens do not need a leader who claims exemption from Supreme Court rulings regarding his decisions. They do not need to be forced to join a religious community. The constitution is a plan for government. When the plan is flawed, it institutes flawed applications of the law. This is not just about making an improvement over the last errors in leadership. It is about establishing the basis for long term improvement with a plan that is worthy of implementation.

Egyptians Vote on Islamist Constitution
According to both supporters and opponents of the draft, the charter not only makes Muslim clerics the arbiters for many civil rights, it also could give a constitutional basis for citizens to set up Saudi-style "religious police" to monitor morals and enforce segregation of the sexes, imposition of Islamic dress codes and even harsh punishments for adultery and theft — regardless of what the laws on the books say.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a faction.
Sheik Mohammed Sayyed, who is linked to Mr Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood, said during Friday prayers at a mosque in Assuit: "Tomorrow is the day we will seek victory of Islam."

The partisan manipulation of voting machines to “win” elections is not unique to Egypt.

There is a strong correlation between states that have been taken over by Republicans and states that are using electronic voting machines. What does this mean? It is time to outlaw voting machines. It is also time to call the FBI! Your civil right to vote is being violated!

Twenty students and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT on Friday, December 14, 2012. Most of the students were six years old. One of the adults was the principal who had called for increased security measures at the start of the school year. Another was the mother of the shooter. She had been a teacher at the school. She and her husband had purchased the weapons that were used by their son in the shooting.
President Obama Calls For Action Again
President Obama said:"...while nothing can take the place of a lost child or loved one, all of us can extend a hand to those in need - to remind them that we are there for them; that we are praying for them; that the love they felt for those they lost endures not just in their own memories, but also in their community, and their country."

Teaching non-violent conflict solving skills needs to be more routine than the lockdown drills.
"Lockdown drills have become routine across the country and can serve a dual purpose: Prepare and reassure."

The following song is very significant in relation to the StandYourGround (SYG) law; the "war on terror"; "targeted killing"; and the "indefinite detention" of civilians as militants [suspected terrorists].
John Lennon – Imagine

Imagine there's no country. It isn't hard to do; nothing to kill or die for; and no religion too. Imagine all the people living life in peace.

Work for love. Live in peace.

Steve K.


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