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I will pour water on the thirsty land. Streams will refresh the dry ground. My Spirit will be poured out on your family; my blessing on your descendents.

The drought of 2012 may surpass the one in 1936.

Minnesota July 19, 2012

Ps.54, James 3, recent events

Save me by faith in your name, God.
Defend my cause with your strength.
No rumble
from the thunder drum.
No clouds.
No sign of relief

There has been no rain.
‘No rain’ means ‘more pain.’
Devastation is seared
into memory.
The curse of a fallen nation
screams out with pain.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
Rock is raining.
Sound is shock
dropping and shaking
first responders
on the ground.
Billowing towers
crumble impossibly
from the top
at close to the speed
of gravity down.
The crushing crash,
this blast of building,
was caused by what?
What cause?
What caused this?
Jet fuel?
But that is what was said.
(It is only true that they said it.)

Toxic fear billows
like smoke from the concrete rubble.
There lies our hope for fairness in world trade.
The dreams of the country
are shattered by the cry
for a war on terror.
Justice must be served.
Those responsible
must be held accountable.

Behind the smoke,
the deception states,
“It was Arab terrorists.”
Experts testified to verify
what had already been determined
to be the case.
The official story, while fictive,
must be treated as true.
There was no investigation
of suspected terrorist events.

Afghanistan was just sitting there
near Iran, Pakistan, China…
not far from the former Soviet Union…
just sitting there on the far side
of the Middle East…
just waiting for the west
to pick up where it had left off
before the communists had decided
that it was too close to their borders
for comfort.
The Taliban, a CIA creation,
had to be targeted as harbingers
of terror, so military presence
could increase influence
for western products.

Iraq had to be attacked.
Saddam Hussein,
the opposition pawn
that had been played
against Islamic Iran,
had to be replaced.
The cry for Zion was used
to turn tensions against Islam.
Two wars during a major tax cut later,
the elitist was heard to ask,
“What crisis?”
He said,
“There is no problem.
The economy is fine
(…from the perspective
of those who profited
from the wars).

Now, there is drought again.
When is there not a lack of rain?
The government has been without revenue.
Social security has been reduced by spending cuts.
The baby boomers have become the elderly.
Disaster relief was cut due to economic stress.
The public sector was decreased to make
unemployment look like it was caused
by the successors to the cause of the crisis.
Have those responsible for the destruction
on 9/11 been brought to justice? No.
They dwell in the protected privacy
of their homes.
Their security is the best
that blood money
can buy.

Hear my prayer, God.
Give ear to the words
from my mouth.
Opportunists have risen up
exploiting elitist exploitation.
Freedom of expression
has been punished.
Privacy in media use
has been compromised.

If watchwords are being used
to seek out plans for destruction,
why wasn’t the Colorado killer stopped?
Why is protest being punished?
Why do partisan politics rule the state?
Why has help through the public sector
been disabled?
The dry land mocks providence. It is desolate.
Wasteland favors crows and insects.

Where is the source of conflict?
It comes from coveting
for those who have enough.
It comes from deprivation
for those who do not.
Feeling conflict is not criminal.
Acting to cause serious damage
to others, property or self is.
Is increasing unfair advantage
for the wealthiest not a grave offense
against the economy of the people?
It is an advocacy for “legal” crime.

It is conceivably the greatest offense
that a party could propose.
Yet it is being proposed
by the party that would have
us believe that the elitist is
the only one that counts.
Who is listening?
Don’t believe the lies.
Stand opposed to crime,
wars of aggression, oppression,
deception and anything
that causes serious damage.
Feel angry, but do no harm.

Show your faith by your good life.
Show that your works are done
with a gentleness that is graced
by wisdom.

National security depends
upon domestic tranquility.
Social security is the greater part
of national integrity.
Whoever would be first
has to justify a proposal for service.
That which has been done to justify the proposal
is only an indicator of what will be done,
but it is better than betting on a criminal record.
The elitist record has robbed us of resources
to weather hardship caused by natural disaster
from the start of civilization.

Support a plan
that will improve the situation.
Elect responsible leadership.
Watch the news for truth.
Listen for facts.
Choose responsibly.

They arrived in Capernaum. He asked them when they were in the house, "What did you argue about when we were on the way?"'s%20house%20from%20north,%20tb052604018.jpg

Dave Matthews – Save Me
I said, "How about a drink or a bite to eat?"
He said, "No, all I need is my faith
and my walking feet."
I said, "Then save me. Save me,
Mr. Walking Man, if you can."

Pray for rain. Support disaster relief.
Steve K.

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