Saturday, August 29, 2015


William and Kate


A noble song stirs my soul.              
My heart is flying. The adored core
has learned to soar. I will sing for this thing
as though I were king. My writing will be fighting
for freedom that includes fair trade.

You are the fairest of women.
Speech flows from your lips with grace
because you listen to hear. You have been
blessed from before your birth.

Condition yourself for defense;
your mind for sustainable growth.

Take up investigation. Seek truth
for democracy with justice.

Key ideas and core concepts will organize
details into comprehensible patterns.

Elusive definition meets inescapable reality.
Truth is a concept that must align
with existence as it is.

Draw your bow carefully archer.
Steady your aim sharpshooter.

Define your line of argument citizen.
The bull’s eye defines your prize.

People admire your ability.

Even enemies respect your skill.

Exploration will show you more wonderful things.

Your insights will hit the mark, enlightened adventurer.

The essence of design will endure.
Essential goodness is the rule of law.

Respect rights for all and privilege won’t be limited
to plutocracy. Support the prosecution of plutocrats.

A larger scale of crime does not make the offense non-criminal.
Hate iniquity, but don’t seek to destroy the offender.

Correction has to be the goal for punishment,
otherwise the punishment is cruel and counter-productive.

You have been anointed with the oil of gladness.
Achievement in leadership lays the foundation
for accomplishment for others.

All your clothes are clean and stylish.
Your music has high fidelity sound.

Beauty, rhythm and grace
are the elements for art.

The gold from Ophir was refined
for a specific period of time.

Energy, time and matter change
in space without loss of quantity.

Cause is the force for change.

Design, form and function
are seen in the light of day.

Exploration, investigation and
experimentation are analytic.

Plans are drawn from knowledge.
Function provides a form for production.

Thought is formed from feeling;
then redrawn by experience with education.

Time can be measured as a line,
but it is experienced from the ‘inside out’
for the ‘outside in.’ The lines for objectivity
are drawn in recycled time for an analysis
of history that aims at improvement.

Responsibility will take pleasure
in your beauty. You are a sublime
expression of transcendence in mind.

Respect for rights is honor.
The majority must respect rights
for minorities and each minority
will respect rights for the majority
or ‘democracy’ is a front for dictatorship.

When a minority from the majority
or a minority takes too much from the economy
to respect basic needs for all, the state of affairs
for the people suffers.

The precious presence of the divine essence
proceeds from discord to redemption. It is
a glorious procession to the offering
of a portion of profit to celebration.

Joy and gladness radiate from the core
of our community.

Our place is a palace for precedential delight.
Improvement is based on a reasonable measure
of what had been done. Whatever is not reasonable
about the measure will be adjusted for love.

The fame of our gain from gathering will be
celebrated in generations yet to come
as they build upon the foundation
we have made for community.

Respect rights to build immunity
to the disease of graft for greed.

Eructavit cor meum

1 My heart is stirring with a noble song;
let me recite what I have fashioned for the king; *
my tongue shall be the pen of a skilled writer.

2 You are the fairest of men; *
grace flows from your lips,
because God has blessed you for ever.

3 Strap your sword upon your thigh, O mighty warrior, *
in your pride and in your majesty.

4 Ride out and conquer in the cause of truth *
and for the sake of justice.

5 Your right hand will show you marvelous things; *
your arrows are very sharp, O mighty warrior.

6 The peoples are falling at your feet, *
and the king's enemies are losing heart.
7 Your throne, O God, endures for ever and ever, *
a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of your kingdom;
you love righteousness and hate iniquity.

8 Therefore God, your God, has anointed you *
with the oil of gladness above your fellows.

9 All your garments are fragrant with myrrh, aloes, and cassia, *
and the music of strings from ivory palaces makes you glad.

10 Kings' daughters stand among the ladies of the court; *
on your right hand is the queen,
adorned with the gold of Ophir.

11 "Hear, O daughter; consider and listen closely; *
forget your people and your father's house.

12 The king will have pleasure in your beauty; *
he is your master; therefore do him honor.

13 The people of Tyre are here with a gift; *
the rich among the people seek your favor."

14 All glorious is the princess as she enters; *
her gown is cloth-of-gold.

15 In embroidered apparel she is brought to the king; *
after her the bridesmaids follow in procession.

16 With joy and gladness they are brought, *
and enter into the palace of the king.

17 "In place of fathers, O king, you shall have sons; *
you shall make them princes over all the earth.

18 I will make your name to be remembered
from one generation to another; *
therefore nations will praise you for ever and ever."

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Brad, Tiffani and Wren



Shizukesa o kōchiku
This building is a home.

It provides shelter,
yet my soul longs for security.

It gives grace for stability,
yet my heart aspires to growth.

It is defined as property,
yet my spirit rejoices
in the prospect of prosperity.
The sparrow and the swallow
make nests. The sparrow succors
with seeds; the swallow with insects.
Both rejoice with voices for song.
Happy are those who sing with joy.
They live with faith for providence
by design.
Happy are those who seek strength
in sharing love with others;
whose hearts are set on building peace
with friends and competitors.
Even those who go
through desolate places
will secure sustenance.
Survival results in revival.
They will proceed from place to place
with purpose to win joy in the discovery
of providence for life.
It will be an education in finding design
with experience. Listen to your student,
you who designed this course in investigation.
Defend rights for those anointed
by the glistening oil of the effort
to achieve success in survival
for salvation.
One day in your presence
is better than a thousand elsewhere.
I would rather stand at the threshold
of your house than to dwell in enmity
with the existence of opposition.
A rainbow shows a shield of light.
Darkness yields protection
from destruction; not just at night.
Happy are those who find trust
in the goodness of design with faith.
Tranquility will be built with joy.

84 Quam dilecta!

1 How dear to me is your dwelling, O Lord of hosts! *
My soul has a desire and longing for the courts of the Lord;
my heart and my flesh rejoice in the living God.

2 The sparrow has found her a house
and the swallow a nest where she may lay her young; *
by the side of your altars, O Lord of hosts,
my King and my God.

3 Happy are they who dwell in your house! *
they will always be praising you.

4 Happy are the people whose strength is in you! *
whose hearts are set on the pilgrims' way.
5 Those who go through the desolate valley will find it a place of springs, *
for the early rains have covered it with pools of water.

6 They will climb from height to height, *
and the God of gods will reveal himself in Zion.

7 Lord God of hosts, hear my prayer; *
hearken, O God of Jacob.

8 Behold our defender, O God; *
and look upon the face of your Anointed.

9 For one day in your courts is better than a thousand in my own room, *
and to stand at the threshold of the house of my God
than to dwell in the tents of the wicked.

10 For the Lord God is both sun and shield; *
he will give grace and glory;

11 No good thing will the Lord withhold *
from those who walk with integrity.

12 O Lord of hosts, *
happy are they who put their trust in you!

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Victoria Justice

Shiawase ni narimasu
from Ps.34

I will be happy.
Happiness will be my praise.

I will rejoice in the fabric of reality.
Let those who listen hear and be glad.

Proclaim the greatness of existence with me.                     
Let us transcend inhumanity with exaltation.

I asked for help when it was needed.
Escape from error was part
of the deliverance from terror.

Look at the light of day and be radiant.
Don’t let shame cloud the way you shine.

I called out in my affliction and I was heard.

Love delivered me from my troubles.

The message of deliverance
embraces those who value life.

Taste and see. Love is good.
Happy are those who rejoice in it.

Respect the right to life.
Use this respect to set an example
for those who do not.

Even young panthers suffer hunger.
Those who read reality to find design
do not lack in the discovery of goodness.

Come youth. Listen to me.
I will teach you to respect rights.

Who among you desires happiness
and would like the time to enjoy prosperity?

Speak truth to power.
Do not defend cruelty or violence.

Turn from evil. Do good.

Seek peace. Pursue it.

Security protects those
who only take risk to value safety.

Punishment is not for destruction.
It is for the correction of those who refuse
to root out the weeds in perception

that led to harmful action

Needs cry out. Selection detects them.
Judgment plans for them. Action tends to them.

Sympathy attends to brokenness. Empathy amends
what led to the break
in harmony.

Troubles attend the selection of goodness in design,
but effective production provides deliverance
from turbulent turmoil in time.

Security will protect your organization.
Structure will preserve your conception.

The least force necessary will correct a crisis.

Retribution will punish those who afflict others
with violence, cruelty or oppression.

Those who do no harm will not be punished.
Those who do not require correction
will not be corrected.

Benedicam Dominum

1 I will bless the Lord at all times; *
his praise shall ever be in my mouth.

2 I will glory in the Lord; *
let the humble hear and rejoice.

3 Proclaim with me the greatness of the Lord; *
let us exalt his Name together.
4 I sought the Lord, and he answered me *
and delivered me out of all my terror.

5 Look upon him and be radiant, *
and let not your faces be ashamed.

6 I called in my affliction and the Lord heard me *
and saved me from all my troubles.

7 The angel of the Lord encompasses those who fear him, *
and he will deliver them.

8 Taste and see that the Lord is good; *
happy are they who trust in him!

9 Fear the Lord, you that are his saints, *
for those who fear him lack nothing.

10 The young lions lack and suffer hunger, *
but those who seek the Lord lack nothing that is good.

11 Come, children, and listen to me; *
I will teach you the fear of the Lord.

12 Who among you loves life *
and desires long life to enjoy prosperity?

13 Keep your tongue from evil-speaking *
and your lips from lying words.

14 Turn from evil and do good; *
seek peace and pursue it.

15 The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, *
and his ears are open to their cry.

16 The face of the Lord is against those who do evil, *
to root out the remembrance of them from the earth.
17 The righteous cry, and the Lord hears them *
and delivers them from all their troubles.

18 The Lord is near to the brokenhearted *
and will save those whose spirits are crushed.

19 Many are the troubles of the righteous, *
but the Lord will deliver him out of them all.

20 He will keep safe all his bones; *
not one of them shall be broken.

21 Evil shall slay the wicked, *
and those who hate the righteous will be punished.

22 The Lord ransoms the life of his servants, *
and none will be punished who trust in him.