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from Psalm 90

Design existed before creation.
Being came from before time.

Before mountains were raised
by the crashing of continents,
the essence for our nature had been
a part of the plan.

The present looks to the future
as it passes into the past;
as it has since the conception
of time.

We return to the elements
from which we were formed,
but our life lives in the presence.
of those who live for life.

 The tyranny of time is swept
from mind like the latent thought of dreams.
The perception of reality is renewed in the morning
until it fades with consciousness in the darkness of night.

Let compassion be drawn from our labor.
Have love live long; from the morning
into the steadfast gladness of all of our days.

May the length of gladness help us to forget
the pain of affliction into the extension
of respect for others without punishment.

Let the work of design be brought into being
in accordance with the plan for our existence.

May the favor of benefit
be the yield of our production
for the prosperity
of future generations.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Chinese Garden, Gainesville, FL


from Psalm 99

The sun shines for all the earth.
Rain falls for growth.
Life is for living.
We live to rejoice!

Praise the essential presence
of the present as the field of perception
for using what was right in the past
to plan for improvement in the future.

Mighty lover of justice,
equity will be established for you.

Wonderful winner of games,
responsibility has become your province.

Wise witness for accountability,
social security is compensation
for unfair advantage;
reconciliation for liberty
without egalitarian starts
in the competition
of prosperity
for posterity.

Let people agree.
No one is above the law.

Judgement is the purpose for reason.
Proof is the objective for judgement.

Reason rejects the fear of threat
as a justification for invasion,
genocide, murder, torture,
violence or cruelty.

The existence of threat
provides grounds for preparing defense.
Defense is limited to the least force
necessary for protection.

Induction and deduction are ways
to learn logic. The perception
of controlled experimentation
is for the detection of facts for truth,
the inference of prevalence and occurrence
and the rejection of false reasoning.

The salvation of hope for improvement
is the formula for success; not storytelling
that protects the love for theft
and disrespect for life.

Truth that retains existence
in darkness and light;
in presence without sight,
is the test of reason for judgement.

The rule of law protects rights, not wrongs.
Forgiveness allows for development,
but restitution fosters retribution
for correction.

Revel in the revelation of love for others.
Shine forth with the light of life
that respects rights and you will save
the world from a world of hurt.


Saturday, October 11, 2014





from Ps.106

Live in a manner that is worthy of life.
The right to life is the basis for the rule of law.
Killing is only defense against a threat
that is clearly imminent and lethal.

Raise praise for goodness.
Goodness is not just a matter of taste.
It is a fact of life regarding provision for basic needs.

There is no duty to retreat,
unless it is the best defense.
The presumption of fear is not reasonable.
Killing an unarmed person is murder.

Democracy does not decree
patriarchy or matriarchy;
the tyranny of the majority
or the minority.

Steadfast love endures.
It is not defined by weapons.
It is social with respect for trade, travel,
training and care with civility for the public.

Show favor to people; not just money.
Do not concede defeat to partisan gain.
Contribute compensation for loss in competition.

Provide protection from violence.
Prosperity is for labor as well as management.
Security is for the poor and disabled as well as the prosperous.

We and our ancestors have committed iniquity.
Sons and daughters have been sacrificed for invasions,
for genocide; for torture; for cruelty in punishment;
for the deprivation of dissent;
for the destruction of opposition.

Unarmed citizens and immigrants have been killed.
The blood of non-combatants has been spilled.
It has been poured out for false beliefs.
It has polluted the land with prejudice
for plutocracy.

High crime has to be prosecuted.
National security is not secured
by the industry for war.  Industry
has to be regulated for defense.

A nation will not live
by violence and cruelty.

Live in a manner that is worthy of life.
The right to life is the basis for the rule of law.

Killing is only defense against a threat
that is clearly imminent and lethal.

Are we not allowed to be generous
with that which belongs to us?

Live in a manner that is worthy of life.
The right to life is the basis for the rule of law.
Killing is only defense against a threat
that is clearly imminent and lethal.

Vivre d'une manière digne de la vie.
Le droit à la vie est le fondement de la règle de droit.
Tuer est la seule défense contre une menace
qui est clairement imminente et mortelle.

Vivir de una manera que es digno de la vida.
El derecho a la vida es la base del estado de derecho.
Matar es única defensa contra una amenaza
que es claramente inminente y letal.

Viver de uma maneira que é digno de vida.
O direito à vida é a base do Estado de Direito.
Matar é única defesa contra uma ameaça
que é claramente iminente e letal.

Vivere in un modo che è degno di vita.
Il diritto alla vita è il fondamento dello Stato di diritto.
Uccidere è unica difesa contro una minaccia
che è chiaramente imminente e letale.

Democracy does not decree
patriarchy or matriarchy;
the tyranny of the majority
or the minority.

La democrazia non fa decreto
patriarcato e matriarcato;
la tirannia della maggioranza
o la minoranza.

Live in a manner that is worthy of life.
The right to life is the basis for the rule of law.
Killing is only defense against a threat
that is clearly imminent and lethal.

Dignum vita vivere.
Ius ad vitam fundamentum iuris est.
Occisio est illa defensio contra comminationem,
lethale quod iam instat.

Trăiește într-o manieră care este vrednic de viață.
Dreptul la viață este baza pentru statul de drept.
Uciderea este doar de apărare împotriva unei amenințări
care este în mod clar iminent și letale.

Élj olyan módon, amely méltó az élet.
Az élethez való jog az alapja a jogállamiságot.
A gyilkolás csak védekezés ellen a fenyegetés
egyértelműen fenyegető és halálos.

Ζήστε σε ένα τρόπο που να είναι αντάξια της ζωής.
Zí̱ste se éna trópo pou na eínai antáxia ti̱s zo̱í̱s .
Το δικαίωμα στη ζωή είναι η βάση για το κράτος δικαίου.
To dikaío̱ma sti̱ zo̱í̱ eínai i̱ vási̱ gia to krátos dikaíou .
Ο φόνος είναι μόνο άμυνα ενάντια σε μια απειλή
O fónos eínai móno ámyna enántia se mia apeilí̱
που είναι σαφώς επικείμενες και θανατηφόρα.
pou eínai safó̱s epikeímenes kai thanati̱fóra .

Жить в манере, которая является достойным жизни.
Zhit' v manere, kotoraya yavlyayetsya dostoynym zhizni .
Право на жизнь является основой для верховенства закона.
Pravo na zhizn' yavlyayetsya osnovoy dlya verkhovenstva zakona .
Убийство единственным средством предотвращения угрозы
Ubiystvo yedinstvennym sredstvom predotvrashcheniya ugrozy
что явно неизбежен и к летальному исходу.
chto yavno neizbezhen i k letal'nomu iskhodu.

Shēnghuó de fāngshì, shì zhídé de shēnghuó.
Live in a manner that is worthy of life.
Shēngmìng quán shì jīchǔ, fǎzhì.
The right to life is the basis for the rule of law.
Shārén zhǐshì zhēnduì wēixié fángyù
Killing is only defense against a threat
zhè xiǎnrán shì pòzàiméijié de hé zhìmìng de.
that is clearly imminent and lethal.

Manggon ing proses sing pantes gesang.
Hak gesang punika basis kanggo aturan hukum.
Nyababaken mung nimbali marang ancaman
sing cetha caket lan paling matèkaké.

삶의 가치가있는 방식으로 살고있다.
salm-ui gachiga issneun bangsig-eulo salgoissda.
Live in a manner that is worthy of life.
삶에 대한 권리는 법의 지배의 기초가된다.
salm e daehan gwonli neun beob-ui jibae ui gichogadoenda .
The right to life is the basis for the rule of law.
살해 위협에 대한 유일한 방어입니다
salhae wihyeob e daehan yuilhan bang-eo ibnida
Killing is only defense against a threat
그것은 분명 임박 치명적인이다.
geugeos-eun bunmyeong imbag chimyeongjeog-in ida.
that is clearly imminent and lethal.

Jinsei no kachigāru hōhō de sunde imasu
Live in a manner that is worthy of life.
Seimei ni taisuru kenri wa, hōnoshihai no kisodearu
The right to life is the basis for the rule of law.

Kiringu wa, kyōi ni taisuru yuiitsu no bōgyo-sakudesu
Killing is only defense against a threat
sore wa akiraka ni sashisematta to chimei-tekidearu.
that is clearly imminent and lethal.

There is no duty to retreat,
unless it is the best defense.
The presumption of fear is not reasonable.
Killing an unarmed person is murder.

No hay obligación de retroceder,
a menos que sea la mejor defensa.
La presunción de miedo no es razonable.
Matar a una persona desarmada es un asesinato.

Não há dever de retirar-se,
a menos que ele é a melhor defesa.
A presunção de medo não é razoável.
Matar uma pessoa desarmada é assassinato.

"The Kingdom of Hungary established a partial control over Transylvania in 1003, when king Stephen I, according to legend, defeated the prince named Gyula.[10][11][12][13] Transylvania was occupied by Hungarians in several stages between the Xth and XIIIth centuries[14][15] Between 1003[dubious – discuss] and 1526, Transylvania was a voivodeship in the Kingdom of Hungary, led by a voivode appointed by the King of Hungary."

Health Care,
Tractarians and the Oxford Movement
"It must not be supposed that the Tractarians were concerned only with a renewed emphasis on the sacraments. They were instrumental in stirring up the Church's concern for the welfare, both spiritual and material, of the working classes.

"The building of factories had flooded many areas with workers who were without churches to minister to them. The Tractarians built churches in these areas, and in slum areas, and staffed them with dedicated priests.

"The influence of their work was widespread. For example: One disciple of Pusey was R M Benson, the founder of the Society of St John the Evangelist. One of Benson's disciples was Fr C N Field, who came to America and became deeply interested in the housing conditions of the poor in Boston.

"One of his disciples was Mary Kingsbury Simkhovitch. She says that it was Fr Field and the other priests of the SSJE who first taught her to visit the poor. Mrs Simkhovitch is accounted one of the founders of social work. She founded Greenwich House in New York City.

"One of her disciples was Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor in the New Deal. She and Mrs Simkhovitch went to Harold Ickes and persuaded him to put public housing on the agenda of the New Deal. Thus the American public housing program of the 1930's and after was indirectly a result of the Tractarian movement. [I owe this point to Mr. Robert Rea.]

"The leaders of the Tractarian Movement were Richard Hurrell Froude, John Keble, [Edward Bouverie] Pusey, and John Henry Newman, all fellows of Oriel College, Oxford."

Psalm 106
1 Praise the Lord!
   O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
   for his steadfast love endures for ever.
2 Who can utter the mighty doings of the Lord,
   or declare all his praise?
3 Happy are those who observe justice,
   who do righteousness at all times.
4 Remember me, O Lord, when you show favour to your people;
   help me when you deliver them;
5 that I may see the prosperity of your chosen ones,
   that I may rejoice in the gladness of your nation,
   that I may glory in your heritage.
6 Both we and our ancestors have sinned;
   we have committed iniquity, have done wickedly.

19 They made a calf at Horeb
   and worshipped a cast image.
20 They exchanged the glory of God*
   for the image of an ox that eats grass.
21 They forgot God, their Saviour,
   who had done great things in Egypt,
22 wondrous works in the land of Ham,
   and awesome deeds by the Red Sea.*
23 Therefore he said he would destroy them—
   had not Moses, his chosen one,
stood in the breach before him,
   to turn away his wrath from destroying them.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Garden

The Garden

The garden is destroyed.

Let the light from the sun shine.
Let the rain proclaim providence from heaven.
We can restore her beauty with cultivation.

Knowledge about gardening
was taken from a land of anguish.
The land was prepared for growth.
The fertility of the earth was nurtured for success.

The heavens declared wetness, warmth, darkness and light. .
Those that enslaved people were cast out of the garden.

One day tells its tale to another.
One night imparts knowledge to the other.

Although time has no words or language;
the message has gone to the ends of the world;
the sound has gone out to all lands.

A pavilion has been set for the sun in the deep.
Illumination rises like a champion to run the course.
Light comes forth like a celebrity onto a stage.

The stage is set for the course to run
from the uttermost edge to the end of the heavens.
Nothing but darkness is hidden by the rays
of brilliant radiance.

The rule of law requires cultivation
with respect for rights.

No one is above the law.
Judgement is for liberty with justice
based on reason without discrimination
against sex, race, status or religion.

Justice revives the soul.
It gives wisdom
to all who need it.

Do not harbor false beliefs.
Do not abuse your authority..
Preserve time for rest.

Honor your family for length of life.
Do not murder. Do not destroy property or relations. .
Do not steal. Do not bear false witness.
Do not covet another’s property.

Do not support sacrifice for invasion or genocide.
Provide a portion of your income for the poor,
the disabled, the elderly and education.
Spending for social security
will restrain expenditures
on defense.

Do you believe in God? Put your faith in action
with love for others. You will earn.respect for your rights
by honoring them in others.

Keep yourself from harming others to keep yourself from crime.
Deter self harm to prevent mental illness.
Care for those who need it. Love your enemy.

Hate violence and deception
or you will never progress in justice
or find justice in progress.

The rule of law is just.
It gives joy to the heart and insight to the mind.
It makes the vine take root.

Our vine had taken root. It grew.
The tendrils stretched out along the rivers
and reached down to the sea.

The mountains were covered by its growth;
The plants by its shade.
The land was filled with fertility.
Justice was immortality for life .

The landowner leased the vineyard to tenants.
When the harvest time had come
he sent messengers to collect
the profit from its produce.

One was beaten.
One was stoned.
Another was killed.
He sent his son
hoping for respect.

The tenants seized the son,
cast him out of the vineyard
and killed him.

Now the walls of the vineyard
have been broken down.
The wild boar have ravaged the earth.
The beasts of the forest have eaten their fill
of our fruit. Injustice has established inequity.

Inequity has caused strife among the people.
What will the owner of the vineyard do to the tenants?
He will take it away from them and give it to people
who will produce fruit. He will accuse the suspects of murder
and have them put on trial in a court of law.
If convicted they will be detained for life.

Behold this vine is in your vineyard.
Preserve what your hands have planted.
Tend to the growth of the garden.
Restore good faith.

Good judgments are true and just.
They build strength with redemption.
They are more desirable than gold.
They are sweeter by far than honey.

Let the words from my mouth
and the meditation of my heart,
be acceptable to you,

Each of us has the potential to become a beautiful thing.
Restore any with the redemption of all.
(Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20; Psalm 19, Psalm 80, Matt.21:33-46)

Can you make this broken mess into a beautiful thing?
Heather Williams – Beautiful Thing

The garden is destroyed.
Let the light from the sun shine.
Let the rain proclaim providence from heaven.
We can restore her beauty with cultivation.

El jardín es destruido.
Deje que la luz del sol brille.
Deje que la providencia proclaman la lluvia del cielo.
Podemos restaurar su belleza con el cultivo.

O jardim é destruído.
Deixe a luz do sol brilhar.
Deixe a providência chuva proclamar do céu.
Podemos restaurar a sua beleza com o cultivo.

Le jardin est détruit.
Que la lumière de l'éclat du soleil.
Que la providence pluie de proclamer du ciel.
Nous pouvons restaurer sa beauté à la culture.

Il giardino è distrutto.
Lasciate che la luce del sole splendere.
Lasciate che la provvidenza di pioggia proclamano dal cielo.
Siamo in grado di ripristinare la sua bellezza con la coltivazione.

Hortus ille destruitur.
Fiat lux solem.
Sit pluviae de caelo auditum est providentia.
Decus reddere possumus cultura.

The garden is destroyed.
Let the light from the sun shine.
Let the rain proclaim providence from heaven.
We can restore her beauty with cultivation.

Ο κήπος έχει καταστραφεί.
O kí̱pos échei katastrafeí
Αφήστε το φως από τον ήλιο να λάμψει.
Afí̱ste to fo̱s apó ton í̱lio na lámpsei .
Ας την πρόνοια βροχή διακηρύσσουν από τον ουρανό.
As ti̱n prónoia vrochí̱ diaki̱rýssoun apó ton ouranó .
Μπορούμε να αποκαταστήσει την ομορφιά της με την καλλιέργεια.
Boroúme na apokatastí̱sei ti̱n omorfiá ti̱s me ti̱n kalliérgeia .

Градината е уништена.
Gradinata e uništena.
Нека светлината од сонцето да сјае.
Neka svetlinata od sonceto da sJae .
Нека дожд прокламираат промисла од небото.
Neka dožd proklamiraat promisla od neboto.
Ние може да ја обнови својата убавина со одгледување.
Nie može da Ja obnovi svoJata ubavina so odgleduvanje.

Градината е унищожен.
Gradinata e unishtozhen.
Нека светлината от слънцето да грее.
Neka svetlinata ot slŭntseto da gree
Нека дъжд Провъзгласиха провидение на от небето.
Neka dŭzhd Provŭzglasikha providenie na ot nebeto .
Ние можем да се възстанови красотата си с отглеждането.
Nie mozhem da se vŭzstanovi krasotata si s otglezhdaneto.

Врт је уништен.
Vrt je uništen .
Нека светлост од сунца сјај.
Neka svetlost od sunca sjaj .
Нека Тхе Раин прогласи провиђење с неба.
Neka The Rain proglasi proviđenje s neba .
Можемо повратити њену лепоту са култивацијом.
Možemo povratiti njenu lepotu sa kultivacijom .

Цэцэрлэг, устгасан байна.
Tsetserleg, ustgasan baina.
Нар гийгүүлэх гэрэл үзье.
Nar giigüülekh gerel üziye.
Тэнгэрээс бороо тунхаглаж хангагч үзье.
Tengerees boroo tunkhaglaj khangagch üziye.
Бид тариалах нь түүний гоо сайхныг сэргээж болно.
Bid tarialakh ni tüünii goo saikhnyg sergeej bolno

В саду разрушается.
V sadu razrushayetsya .
Пусть свет от солнечного света.
Pust' svet ot solnechnogo sveta .
Пусть дождь провозгласить провидение с неба.
Pust' dozhd' provozglasit' provideniye s neba .
Мы можем восстановить ее красоту с выращивания.
My mozhem vosstanovit' yeye krasotu s vyrashchivaniya .

The garden is destroyed.
Let the light from the sun shine.
Let the rain proclaim providence from heaven.
We can restore her beauty with cultivation.

Awọn ọgba ti wa ni run.
Jẹ ki awọn imọlẹ lati tan imọlẹ oorun.
Jẹ ki awọn ojo kede ipese lati ọrun.
A le mu pada rẹ ẹwa pẹlu ogbin.

Engadini uyabhujiswa.
Vumela ukukhanya okuvela elangeni bukhanye.
Vumela Providence besezikhundleni emvula avela ezulwini.
Singasho ukubuyisela ubuhle bakhe nge kulinywe.
[Zulu: S.Africa]

Bustani ni kuharibiwa.
Hebu mwanga wa jua kuangaza.
Hebu mvua yatangaza riziki kutoka mbinguni.
Tunaweza kurejesha uzuri wake na kilimo.
[Swahili: SE. Africa]

Beerta waa la wada baabbi'iyey.
Iftiin ha ka iftiimin qorraxda.
Ha siiya roob u naadiyaan si ay samada uga da'aan.
Waxaan quruxdeeda soo celin karaa falashada.
[Somali: E.Africa]

يتم تدمير الحديقة.
السماح للضوء من تألق الشمس.
السماح للعناية نادوا المطر من السماء.
يمكننا استعادة جمالها مع زراعة.
[Arabic: N.Africa]

The garden is destroyed.
Let the light from the sun shine.
Let the rain proclaim providence from heaven.
We can restore her beauty with cultivation.

बगीचे नष्ट हो जाता है.
Bagīcē naṣṭa hō jātā hai.
सूरज चमक से प्रकाश करते हैं.
Sūraja camaka sē prakāśa karatē haiṁ.
स्वर्ग से बारिश प्रचार प्रोविडेंस करते हैं.
Svarga sē bāriśa pracāra prōviḍēnsa karatē haiṁ.
हम खेती के साथ उसकी सुंदरता को बहाल कर सकते हैं.
Hama khētī kē sātha usakī sundaratā kō bahāla kara sakatē haiṁ.

उद्यान नष्ट छ।
Udyāna naṣṭa cha.
सूर्य चम्कने देखि ज्योति गरौं।
Sūrya camkanē dēkhi jyōti garauṁ.
स्वर्गबाट वर्षा गाउँछन् डोऱ्याइद्वारा गरौं।
Svargabāṭa varṣā gā'um̐chan ḍōṟyā'idvārā garauṁ.
हामी खेती संग उनको सुन्दरता बहाल गर्न सक्छन्।
Hāmī khētī saṅga unakō sundaratā bahāla garna sakchan.

S̄wn ca t̄hūk thảlāy
h̄ı̂ s̄æng cāk dwng xāthity̒ s̄̀xng s̄æng
h̄ı̂ rxbkhxb peidp̄hey f̄n cāk fāk f̂ā
reā s̄āmārt̄h reīyk khụ̄n khwām ngām k̄hxng ṭhex thī̀ mī kār pheāa plūk

తోట నాశనమవుతుంది.
Tōṭa nāśanamavutundi.
సూర్యుడు షైన్ నుండి కాంతి లెట్.
Sūryuḍu ṣain nuṇḍi kānti leṭ.
స్వర్గం నుండి వర్షం ప్రకటించారు భగవత్ లెట్.
Svargaṁ nuṇḍi varṣaṁ prakaṭin̄cāru bhagavat leṭ.
మేము సాగు ఆమె అందం పునరుద్ధరించడానికి చేయవచ్చు.
Mēmu sāgu āme andaṁ punarud'dharin̄caḍāniki cēyavaccu.
[Telugu, S.India]

suon nih trauv ban bamphlanh .
saum aoy ponlu pi preahatity chengchang noh .
saum aoy v brakeasa phlieng pi sthansuokr .
yeung ach star pheap srasa saat robsa neang cheamuoynung kar dadoh .